In Which Jenn’s Language App Makes Subversive Suggestions

There’s a decent chance I’ll vacationing in Puerto Rico this December, so I’ve decided that just in case I should brush up on my Spanish. My roommate tipped me off to this app called Duolingo that puts you through your language paces; I’ve downloaded it and have spent the last week furiously working through the sections.

I’ve noticed something, though – the sentences the have you translate can be weird.

It started innocently enough – “El gato come la manzana.” I have never offered an apple to either of my cats but it does not strike me as something they’d be interested in eating. Still, they do like melon, so maybe Duolingo is on to something.

“El gato duerme cerca del pinguino.” I have never known either of my cats to sleep anywhere near a penguin. I sincerely doubt they know what a penguin is. Maybe Duolingo is confused about the nature of cats.

If that is the case, they are not confused about the nature of ME. I think Duolingo has stopped merely messing with me and is now actively mocking me, guys.

Given that the Marine Corps Marathon is in October and the Wine and Dine Half is in November, this isn’t going to work too well. What are you trying to tell me, Duolingo? That I should just quit?

Oh. I see. So my grandmother only takes ONE month off. She’s a better runner than I am. Nice.

I… I… I give up.

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  1. Haaaa, I'm using Duolingo as well to brush up on my French (useful when I was in Quebec last week!) but it hasn't started taunting me yet; I'll give you an update if it does…

  2. No corro en el verano también pero necesito porque soy muy lenta.

    I have no idea if any of that is right, but you should just taunt your phone back!

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