The Fairest Week In Review: 5/04

Picard applause

Happy Star Wars Day! Please believe me when I say with the utmost nerd sincerity that STAR TREK IS WAY BETTER.

Now that I’ve alienated a bunch of my audience, you’ll be pleased to know that this may be a short one as I’m currently wrangling my cat while at work. It’s a long story, and even longer when I tell it, as Winnie the Pooh would say. Let’s just say Minxie says hi.

So let’s see – how has my running been going? Pretty uneventfully, I’d say, but I’m feeling solid. Not super fast, mind you, but good. It’s getting warm enough that I can sometimes get away with running outside, which is nice. Oh, and I have a race coming up! Yeah! Perfectly timed with my ballet-induced cutback week.

On to the roundup!

Pink Elephant On Parade wonders if we aren’t all outgrowing runDisney (gasp!).
The Runner’s Guide to WDW preps for the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half.
easyWDW investigates the worth of this whole “Early Morning Magic” thing.
Disney In Your Day receives a WDW snack subscription box.
– Meanwhile, WDW For Grownups snacks in the Mexico Pavilion. One of my favorite snacking places!
An Open Suitcase goes to Universal (and mostly likes Disney better because duh). Me too!
Will Run For Ears stays at Animal Kingdom Lodge and I’m jealous.
Mouse On The Mind knows what (crayon) colors Princess Aurora looks best in.
Parkeology points out that you’ve got to wait in a lot of lines before you can get in a ride line.
The Disney Tourist Blog can save you money on the Disney gift card front.

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