In Which Jenn Locates Vintage WDW Souvenir Clothes

I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you’re new and/or don’t have all my personal details memorized: my parents are in the processing of moving to NC, and are cleaning out their MD home to sell. This means digging through 20+ years of detritus, including the absolutely horrifying trash heap that is my childhood bedroom. Part of this is actual trash, and part is a study in the changing fancies of growing up: I’m talking posters of unicorns, stuffed animals, decades-old homework, and – I kid you not – a life size cutout of Star Trek: Voyager‘s Lt. Tom Paris....

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Picard applause

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/04

Happy Star Wars Day! Please believe me when I say with the utmost nerd sincerity that STAR TREK IS WAY BETTER. Now that I’ve alienated a bunch of my audience, you’ll be pleased to know that this may be a short one as I’m currently wrangling my cat while at work. It’s a long story, and even longer when I tell it, as Winnie the Pooh would say. Let’s just say Minxie says hi. So let’s see – how has my running been going? Pretty uneventfully, I’d say, but I’m feeling solid. Not super fast, mind you, but good. It’s...

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Pop Century

In Which Jenn & Moon Run Around the Lake at Pop Century

I mentioned on Tuesday that I don’t generally run outside unless I’m racing or at Disney. Here is the story of one out of two! For our Princess Half Marathon trip, Moon and I were forced by tragic circumstance (*cough* grad school *cough*) to head down to WDW and leave the evening after the race. Naturally it’s better to do your park touring after your running, but what can you do. This did mean, though, that we had time for a little tune-up run before the race, so on Wednesday, after we’d gotten back from our first day in...

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Running shoes

The Fairest Week in Review: 7/22

JENN: Wanna do our weekly? MOON: Sure! JENN: Then let’s hit it! How’d your training go this week? MOON: Rather well, actually. I jogged indoors, outdoors, got through a minor ankle issue, and tried an intense elliptical workout. JENN: Ankle okay now? MOON: It’s getting there. I honestly don’t know what I did to offend it. How was your week? I know you were in San Francisco and weren’t feeling so well… JENN: I had a pretty off week. I got my mileage in, but I never really found a groove. I was tired every time. I’m kinda bummed...

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