In Which Jenn Locates Vintage WDW Souvenir Clothes


I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you’re new and/or don’t have all my personal details memorized: my parents are in the processing of moving to NC, and are cleaning out their MD home to sell. This means digging through 20+ years of detritus, including the absolutely horrifying trash heap that is my childhood bedroom.

Part of this is actual trash, and part is a study in the changing fancies of growing up: I’m talking posters of unicorns, stuffed animals, decades-old homework, and – I kid you not – a life size cutout of Star Trek: Voyager‘s Lt. Tom Paris. Who is still my one true love; fight me!

Anyway, every garbage pile is bound to include one of two things worth saving. In this case, I was able to locate three things: more Disney apparel to add to my collection!

Okay, so in the middle we’ve got a WDW sweatshirt from 1998. I am particularly charmed by this item, as it is so far removed from today’s slick park merchandise, which is all about capitalizing on trends. The Winnie the Pooh graphic is completely unsophisticated, and I kind of love it.

On either side we have two t-shirts I purchased from the Disney store in the mid-to-late 2000s (2006? 2007?). I love how they feature such underappreciated films as the original Fantasia and The Three Caballeros. As a certified Disney dandy, my mind instantly turns to pairing the latter with a red skirt and swanning around the Mexico pavilion acting all caaaaaaaaaaasual about it.

I can’t wait to rock these on a lengthy Disney trip, where I can sprinkle them among my fancier Disney dresses. Tres chic!

What are your favorite vintage Disney clothing items? Am I so vain I probably think this blog is about me?

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