The Fairest Week In Review: 3/25

Mickey running

MOON: How was your weeeeeeek?!

JENN: Not baaaaad.


MOON: (I love typing with hyperbole!)

JENN: Haha, good. How was Florida?

MOON: Florida was nice, but my goodness was I reminded of the treacherous humid conditions

JENN: That sounds lovely. We haven’t even broken 70 degrees here yet (fingers crossed for Thursday!).

Did you get a run in?

MOON: I did! We ran three times! Besides almost being run over a few times, it was a nice place to run!

JENN: Haha, where were you running?

MOON: Sarasota, a main drag somewhereee.

JENN: So like a road? No beach?

MOON: The beach a little, but I always get shoes full of sand. >_>… Mostly the road.

JENN: Ah, well. At least it was warm!

MOON: Yes! How was your week?

JENN: Not bad. I actually did some speed work and it didn’t suck as hard as I thought it would. Mind you, I wasn’t going REALLY fast for REALLY long, but I topped out at 7.5 mph and that’s a hell of a lot speedier than usual.

Okay, so, maybe the readers can tell me if I’m doing it wrong: I did 5 minutes at 5.5, then 1 minute each at 7.5, 7, 6.5, and then 2 minutes at 6 mph. Repeat that ten minute set three times, ten minutes again at 5.5 to cool down, and done. Yes? Is that right? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF I SUCK AT THIS.

MOON: Nice! Ha, this week I tried to tell myself it was okay to not go faster. XD

JENN: I tell myself that all the time. It’s basically my rallying cry.

Here, talk to some people who are all no doubt faster than me. ROUNDUP!

Fit2Flex goes over updated dietary recommendations. I KNEW EGG YOLKS WERE GOOD.
Darlin’ Rae ponders my love, the treadmill.
The DisBroads make fab race signs.
Will Run for Ears recounts the flood the was the 2014 Wine & Dine Half. Can’t wait for round 2!
On the Go in MCO performs a thorough exploration of the Great Movie Ride courtyard.
The Disney Hipsters find much vegetarian bounty at the Biergarten. Believe it or not!
The Disney Tourist Blog outlines an ideal Drink Around the World plan of attack.

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  1. Those all sound like super fast speeds that I would die at if attempted on the treadmill.

    And thanks for the shout out! Wine and Dine Reunion tour 2015!

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