San Juan

In Which Jenn Runs In San Juan, PR

While we apartment-hunt for a permanent place, Pat and I are staying in a little place by the beach in Ocean Park, in the northern part of San Juan on the coast. It’s not a proper hotel and there’s no gym… but like any good addict, I’m not about to let my training just drop, y’know? Mama needs her mileage! … Ew. Why did I say that? I mean, it’s true, but why did I say it like that? Anyway. So it’s hot here in Puerto Rico (WUT) and humid, and even in the middle of the night it’s...

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Weird anniversary card

In Which FRoA Is 5 & WDW Is Imminent

Hey hey hey! Here’s a fun fact: as of yesterday, this blog is 5 years old! FIVE!   And to celebrate, I’m off to the beach with Pat’s family. PEACE.   Oh, but – as soon as I get back from the beach, I’m immediately heading to the airport for that convention in Orlando. That’s right; I’ll be coming at you LIVE from WDW. Hotcha!    As is traditional, here is my pre-trip bucket list: Go for some runs on the Boardwalk Search out some of that rose gold stuff that I’m basic enough to want but am never fast...

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New sections

In Which Jenn Invites You To Plumb Her Archives

(That’s what she said) Heeeey! You’ll never guess where I am right now… Because it’s not WDW, and you’d totally guess that. Nope, I’m back at the beach for our annual Outer Banks sojourn. I’ll be back next week with tales of sun, sand, and … sruns? I’m gonna run. I’M GONNA. You’ll never beat me, vacation!!! Anyway. If you came here because you’re bored and now you’re saddened by the lack of entertainment, never fear! New options are available to you. Particularly sharp-eyed readers may have noticed I added two new pages to the FRoA menu some weeks...

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How do you do, fellow kids?

In Which FRoA is Four & Jenn Isn’t Even There To Celebrate

Hey! Wanna hear something neat? As of Saturday, this blog is four years old! Dang. Wanna hear something else neat? I’m at the beach this week! So rather than a full blog post, I invite you to sit in silence for a minute or two and ponder what Fairest Run of All means to you, on this, its birthday. Here’s one approach. Nah, kidding. I’m just here to say I’m not here. Swing by next week for more exciting content and all the latest on what it’s like running on the boardwalk. (Spoiler alert: nice.) Don’t forget, you can follow...

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The Jenn Guide To Running On The Beach

Newsflash, everybody: running on the beach is hard. I was cavalier, going in. I hear running on the beach is hardER, I thought to myself, but I’m a marathoner – how bad can it be? WELL. Let’s back up a moment. I never planned to run on the beach, for a multitude of reasons that will be discussed here. Unfortunately my time in the Outer Banks came right after a large-ish storm blew through, leaving VERY SERIOUS PUDDLES in its wake, which didn’t dissipate until the very last day. VERY SERIOUS PUDDLES. Here’s the road our house was on....

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Ocean City beach

In Which Jenn Runs On The Boardwalk… FOREVER???

Now that we have my itchy, welt-y, icky rant out of the way, we can talk about the nice things that happened on vacation. And there were lots! Hanging out on the beach and jumping over waves Eating “Sweetest Fish” Italian ice because it’s finally out of litigation Playing with Pat’s niece Going to the Kite Loft toy store and admiring a stuffed penguin that Pat later surprised me with after the trip because he is vying for Best Boyfriend Ever 2016; please vote for him Not being at work And finally… going for all three of my planned runs!...

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Sad Marie

The Fairest Week In Review: Special Vacation Plague Edition

Warning: If you read this, there are a lot of shouty capital letters in your future. Oh man, guys. Hello. I’m back. From the beach, that is, and it was really good, because I was on vacation at the beach and that’s always awesome. It was also really bad, because… Well, let’s start at the beginning. Important plot point: I am allergic to animal dander. I also have two cats because SCREW YOU, ALLERGIES, I LOVE ANIMALS WITH A LOVE THAT YOU CANNOT BREAK, NOT WITH A THOUSAND SWORDS. Yes, thank you, Buttercup; I can take it from here....

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Fozzie Bear

In Which Jenn Has Gallivanted Off To The Ocean Again

Guess where I am right now! If you guessed Walt Disney World… you’re wrong. 🙁 I know, I’m upset about it too. But I am in Ocean City, MD with my boyfriend and his family, and that’s one hell of a giant step above normal life/work, no? I’m planning to knock out three runs on the boardwalk over the course of the week, a la this one and this one. As usual, I intend to indulge the rebel in my heart and not touch the spot. We’ll see what happens. Anyway, all this is to say that I’ll be back...

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OBX beach

The Fairest Week In Review: 9/09

JENN: Ask me how many times I planned to run on vacation. MOON: Every day? JENN: Nope, just three. Now ask me how many times I ran. MOON: Every day!!? … Maaaybe? JENN: NONE! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I meant to. I packed my sneakers and my running clothes and headphones and GPS watch. And then I… didn’t run. MOON: And how do you feel? Triumphant? JENN: Well, a lot less hot and sweaty, that much is certain. And a lot more rested. A little guilty. But only a little. MOON: Nah, enjoy the break. 🙂 How was vacation? JENN: Good! Beachy. Warm. Not very wave-y, which made Pat sad since he...

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In Which Jenn Is At The Beach Again

Hey, remember how I went to the beach a couple weeks ago? Well, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. This time I’m heading back to the Outer Banks, site of… well, not super awesome runs, actually. But I did run. And I plan to again. So we’ll see how that goes! While I’ve got you, I want to remind you that the Diabetes Action Team is a totally awesome charity that I am fundraising for to earn my Marine Corps Marathon bib and you can get involved! I am inching closer to my goal and every little bit helps. Pretty please...

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