In Which Jenn Curles Her Lashes With Kickstarter

Mulan Makeup

Would you guys forgive me if I did an endorsement post? It’s not even a REAL endorsement post. Nobody sent me anything free and nobody’s paying me. I’ve applied my own money to a Kickstarter project and as the deadline approaches I want to make sure more people are aware. It just might be worth your attention!

I should note that this is not, strictly speaking, related to running. Or Walt Disney World. Or nutrition. Or body image. Or anything else we usually talk about. But it’s a beauty product and a pretty nifty one at that, and as I think the larger majority of our readers are girls… BEHOLD!

This is an eyelash curler. But it’s not any old eyelash curler. It’s an eyelash curler that is 3D PRINTED TO CONFORM PERFECTLY TO YOUR EYES. To YOUR eyes. You map your face with an app, send the map off to the manufacturer, and they make you a customized eyelash curler.

How awesome is that? No more out-of-the-box eyelash curlers that may or may not work with your eye shape. Certainly the problem of pinching is eliminated. Weird bends and creases are out too. Even if you aren’t into makeup or don’t have time to do it, curling your lashes makes them look pretty!

Interested? Click here to check out the Kickstarter campaign. As of right now they still have early bird backer rewards available, which nets you your very own customized eyelash curler for $25. There are other backing options from $1 just to help out to packages that give you cases and/or multiple curlers for you and a friend. Less than a week remains in the campaign – go now!

So yeah. That’s the thing I liked. Out of curiosity, how interested are you in, I don’t know, whaddya callit, lifestyle-type posts? I see other people do stuff like “Friday favorites” or what have you where they just list stuff they like, beauty products and fashion and food and videos and similar. Thoughts on those?

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