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Is Disney + Colourpop Only Good For The Packaging? An Investigation

This is not a review of Colourpop Disney cosmetics so much as it is, shall we say, a revue of them. I show them to you so that we might ooh and ah at their splendor. I’ll offer my thoughts, of course, but I’m a mere makeup tyro. In it for some pretty colors, fun names, and SUPER cute packaging? Let’s go! I’ve dabbled in Disney makeup before, but never to this extent. See, Colourpop offered a really great sale price over Memorial Day weekend, and I got overexcited. Behold my bounty! Ready for the super fun part? We’ve...

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In Which Jenn Tries Out Those New Mickey Mouse Sheet Masks

Target’s always had a smattering of Disney items available, but the launch that dropped a couple week ago is big – just check out all that loot above!  Mugs! Cosmetic bags! Makeup! Skincare! Hand creams and bubble bath and, yeah, some t-shirts and stuff too, but the latter is pretty average, if you ask me. Standard Mickey Mouse prints. I was immediately drawn to the skincare and makeup, with this romantic notion: how adorably apropos would it be to come back to your WDW resort hotel after a long day in the parks, slap on a Mickey sheet mask,...

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Mulan Makeup

In Which Jenn Curles Her Lashes With Kickstarter

Would you guys forgive me if I did an endorsement post? It’s not even a REAL endorsement post. Nobody sent me anything free and nobody’s paying me. I’ve applied my own money to a Kickstarter project and as the deadline approaches I want to make sure more people are aware. It just might be worth your attention! I should note that this is not, strictly speaking, related to running. Or Walt Disney World. Or nutrition. Or body image. Or anything else we usually talk about. But it’s a beauty product and a pretty nifty one at that, and as...

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