The Fairest Week In Review: 6/16

Uncertain weather

JENN: How was running last week? Getting anything in?

MOON: Ha, absolutely not! Did you?

JENN: Ha, absolutely not much! As I mentioned last week, I was WAAAAAY sick Tuesday. I took a walk anyway but I really shouldn’t have. I was less sick on Wednesday but still not in great shape; I took another walk. Thursday I tried to run and did but only 3.5 miles and sloooooowly. So Friday I walked again. In conclusion: blerg.

MOON: I’m sure you were probably dehydrated.

JENN: Oh, yeah, definitely.

MOON: Sickness and so many things to dooooo.

JENN: And summer always seems so promising! The good news is, I feel pretty decent today, so I’m going to try to run after work. We’ll see how it goes – hopefully I’m back to normal!

MOON: To be fair, SPRING always seems so promising. It really throws off a gradual adaption to weather when one is denied spring.

JENN: This is very true. We don’t get much in the way of gentle buildup around here.

MOON: Fall and spring are my favorite for running. Unfortunately, those seasons keep getting overpowered.

JENN: Let’s just move to San Diego and never want for good weather again!

Very minor note: WDW Marathon still at 72% full. 😀

MOON: Ha, it seems to be holding pretty strong! Gives me more timeeeee.

JENN: Haha, true! In the interim, check out the roundup.

Back to Square Zero HAS KITTENS AHHHHHHH!!!!!
– If you’re new to runDisney registration, Half Crazy Mama has this handy guide.
run geek runDisney plays the red tag game. For some reason I play that game a lot.
Living a Disney Life eats terrible things at Disney.
Rolling with the Magic makes MagicBands pretty.
The Disney Hipsters give the world the gift of Spaceship Earth’s background music. I intend to play this at work. Possibly forever.
The Main Street Gazette likes the Disney dinosaurs, too. Yay Disney dinosaurs!
Theme Park Insider offers an interesting take on Disney’s relationship with middle class families.

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