In Which Jenn’s Marine Corps Marathon Training Is Practically Done For Her

Marine Corps Marathon

Hey, so, know how I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team? That’s ’cause I didn’t make the lottery, and that’s ’cause… I didn’t enter it.

See, I looked back over my training for last year’s MCM and found a sticking point in the 20 mile run. I just… didn’t feel like going through that training cycle. I did my 20 miler on the treadmill, which was actually fine for me. But I’m at a new gym now that would require restarting the treadmill like three times to get my mileage, and while that distinction is arbitrary I didn’t like the idea of all that pausing. And I certainly didn’t want to try to organize an outdoor 20 miler for myself, what with all the water and gels I’d have to haul with me. I hit a mental block regarding that fateful training day.

So I didn’t enter the lottery because I didn’t feel like putting in the work, more or less. But! Then I came across the National Capital 20 Miler, with a start line a mere 20 minute drive from my apartment. Rather than a training run I had to organize myself, this was a race – with water stops and port-a-potties at regular intervals and everything! I mean, it practically performed the training run for me… assuming, of course, I had a MCM bib. Which I did not.

Which brings me to the bit you already know: I’m running MCM through the Diabetes Action Team (and if you’re feeling hyper-generous at the moment I wouldn’t be sad if you threw a five spot at my donation page :D). The twenty mile practice run is one month before the marathon, so that’s all set. Awesome.

But wait! There’s more! I recently learned about the Parks Half Marathon, with a course that runs through the local parks in my area. This one starts one town away and ends within, max, a 15 minute walk from my apartment. AND it’s two weeks before the 20 miler, so great training for that. Pow!

Icing on the cake*: two weeks before the Parks Half, I’ll be spending the week at the beach. I do intend to run there but not a whole lot. Tapering: also done for me!

There you have it: my MCM training, provided by other people.

How carefully do you organize your race schedule?

* I hope there’s cake at the finish line.

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