MCM Medal

In Which Jenn Is About To Tackle Marathon #3

Right. So. Okay. Um. Marine Corps Marathon #2 aka Marathon #3 is this Sunday. #1 went pretty well. I am 100% certain that this rendition will be just as good if not better and I will rock this thing. I am perfectly calm. PERFECTLY CALM. Well, I’m 100% certain I’ll finish. (BARRING ACCIDENTS. KNOCKING ON ALL THE WOOD.) Don’t forget that I’m running this thing for the Diabetes Action Team and there is still time to make a donation! Thanks to all the wonderful, amazing, delightful, fabulous, just plain good people who helped me make my donation minimum and...

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In Which Jenn Is At The Beach Again

Hey, remember how I went to the beach a couple weeks ago? Well, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. This time I’m heading back to the Outer Banks, site of… well, not super awesome runs, actually. But I did run. And I plan to again. So we’ll see how that goes! While I’ve got you, I want to remind you that the Diabetes Action Team is a totally awesome charity that I am fundraising for to earn my Marine Corps Marathon bib and you can get involved! I am inching closer to my goal and every little bit helps. Pretty please...

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Ocean is for winners

In Which Jenn Is At The Beach & Needs Your Help

GUESS WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW. That’s right, I’m at the beach! More specifically, I’m in Ocean City, sight of at least one successful vacation run. I plan to run twice while I’m here – let’s all hope the vacation gods allow it! I’ll be back on Thursday. In the meantime, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon to support the Diabetes Action Team in honor of my grandfather, Stanley, whose death was hastened by the disease. Will you aid the fight and help me reach my goal with a...

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Marine Corps Marathon

In Which Jenn’s Marine Corps Marathon Training Is Practically Done For Her

Hey, so, know how I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team? That’s ’cause I didn’t make the lottery, and that’s ’cause… I didn’t enter it. See, I looked back over my training for last year’s MCM¬†and found a sticking point in the 20 mile run. I just… didn’t feel like going through that training cycle. I did my 20 miler on the treadmill, which was actually fine for me. But I’m at a new gym now that would require restarting the treadmill like three times to get my mileage, and while that distinction is arbitrary...

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Diabetes Action Team

In Which Jenn Is Running MCM After All – Will You Help?

I didn’t think I was gonna do it this year. I didn’t feel like going through the training process. So I didn’t enter the lottery. HA. First I saw blog posts from a bunch of my friends who had signed up… and felt pangs of jealousy. Then I had a long discussion with Moon about marathon possibilities. And before I knew it, I was scouring the internet for charity bibs. All of this to say: I am proud to be running the 40th Annual Marine Corps Marathon as part of the Diabetes Action Team. I considered other charities, some...

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