The Fairest Week In Review: 6/30

Parks and Rec move

JENN: Did you get any runs in last week?

MOON: Nope. But this is my LAST week of no running. Next Sunday I’ll be a gym member again. Super excited. How were your runs this week?

JENN: They were perfectly okay but nothing inspiring. I got done what I wanted done – including a 4+ miles speed run on Friday – but there was none of the proverbial pep in my step. Ah well – status quo is better than nothing at all!

MOON: Mmhmm! Doing better than me. XD

JENN: Awww. Well, you’re doing exciting life things!

MOON: Haha, I supposeeeeee. I miss running, though. Ah, well. One more week!! Must finish packing. Our apartment is filled with boxes and yet it seems we’ve packed nothing!

JENN: Just a note: the Princess Half Marathon goes on sale in a couple weeks. 😀 The WDW Marathon is still at 78% full. Just things to ponder.

MOON: I’ll have to look at the financial aspect, but maaaaaybe.

JENN: Awesome! I’ll keep you updated. ☺

And now: the roundup!

Prairie Princess Runners finds inspiration at every age.
Back at Square Zero looks at what has made her faster.
Theme Park Insider says a final goodbye to the Adventurer’s Club. Kungaloosh!
Living A Disney Life understand that WDW breakfast = sugar.
The Disney Tourist Blog has a nifty look at Tanabata Days at Tokyo Disneyland.
– If you ever wanted to know what the food is like on a Disney cruise, easyWDW has you covered.

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