In Which Jenn Dreams Of triDisney (Literally)

Goofy lazy river swimming

Longtime blog readers will know that I frequently have runDisney dreams, and 97% of the time the theme is My Screwing Up. I’ve slept through dream races, forgotten dream bibs, crossed dream start lines too late… Pretty much every race morning screw up you can imagine, I’ve dreamed it.

Today I share with you another runDisney dream… but it is unique in two ways:

  1. I made it to the start line without incident.

  2. It’s not really runDisney. It’s… TRIDISNEY!!!

Yes, in this dream for some reason my brain decided to posit that runDisney had added a triathlon to its ranks. (I guess kinda like that one time they tried to CrossFit?)

The first odd thing to note about the event was that it was taking place at night. This seems like a poor choice to me, but hey, I don’t run triDisney.

The second thing that was weird was the the first portion, the swim, was taking place in… the World Showcase Lagoon…?

Talk about the perfect place for aquatic sports.

But wait, there’s more! Not only was the swim in the lagoon, it started from one of those random islands in the middle. So we had to take a Friendship Boat out to the start, wave by wave.

The third weird thing is that evidently we were starting before the park was cleared out, so there were a handful of regular guests also on the boat, including – wait for it – Brad Pitt. Why was Brad Pitt there? Beats the hell outta me – aside from a general fondness for Fight Club, I’ve never been one to follow him or his work. My subconscious had to really dig around in the archives to pull that one up.

Anyway, he was there, and he was annoyed about all these random wet-suit clad weirdos hanging out on his means of transport. “Why are you doing this?” he asked me, glaring, and I gave a noncommittal murmur along the lines of, “To attempt a triathlon…?” You’re the one who’s late leaving the park, Brad, but okay.

I escaped the wrath of Brad… and dream me promptly blacked out. I don’t remember my wave starting or anything. Next thing I know, I’m flailing in the water. I’m pulled out of the dark nighttime lagoon and back onto the Friendship boat. “You failed,” my rescuer told me. “You’re disqualified.” And then I woke up.

So I guess this is just my mind getting out ahead of any possibilities? I mean, I didn’t even make it to the bike portion. If Disney ever does hold a triathlon, this would certainly make me think twice about registering…

Had any weird Disney dreams lately, runDisney or otherwise?

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