The Fairest Week In Review: 4/15

Treadmill broken

JENN: Get any training done this week?

MOON: A little! Working on toning mostly. How have your runs been? Any improvement?

JENN: Eh, this week was worse, but I only did one training run; the rest was walking. I had the Marine Corps 17.75K (11.03 mi) on Saturday, the one that got you guaranteed admission to the Marine Corps Marathon when you finished. I’ll do a recap, but for now let me some up my experience with this race with the following word: HIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLS.

MOON: Oh, dear! But regardless of hills, congratulations!

JENN: Thanks. 🙂 But I think I might need to start doing at least one run a week – gulp – OUTSIDE. I still love my dear sweet treadmill, but I need to get used to terrain changes and inclines and what have you.

MOON: I find I need to get used to obstacles (people, mostly) and the air change. I am super excited I can now officially run outside again. The weather this past weekend was amaaaaazing.

JENN: Oh, and speaking of gulp, I used my #AccessGranted code from the 17.75K and am officially entered in the Marine Corps marathon. So there’s that.

It’s like Jenn is Dr. Seeker and Dr. Marsh just left the room!

MOON: 😀 Yay! Very proud of you. <3

JENN: I’m little scared, but the minimum pace is 14 minute miles, and I’m confident I can average that at the very least. [insert a knock of the internet wood here]

If you’re bored that weekend, maybe you can come meet me at the finish line!

MOON: Of course. 🙂 Or I’ll show up when you hit mile 20 and scare you into speeding up. <3

JENN: Startled into speed… I suppose it’s a system.

You know what else is a system? The blog roundup.

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