In Which Jenn Invents A WDW-Inspired Smoothie Recipe

I am always impressed by the industrious bloggers who are constantly coming up with their own unique recipes. Even the smoothies are themed – strawberry cheesecake smoothies! Pumpkin pie smoothies! THE ULTIMATE GREEN SMOOTHIE RAAAAAAAAR!!!

Me, I was just trying to put together a high-protein smoothie to drink after my morning runs that kept me full until lunch and tasted okay.

By some miracle, I did that. But then I got greedy. I thought, how come I can’t put together a fancy-pants smoothie with a legit flavor profile? Why can’t I theme it to Disney???

And so I did. Fire up your blender, because today we’re making…


Uh, is it technically called something specific? I know it has a wrapper but I’m usually too busy ripping it off to read it. You know what I’m talking about, though. One of these:

*insert inappropriate giggling here*


You will need:

  • 1 banana, sliced thin and frozen
  • 1 cup chocolate Greek yogurt (I used Oikos)
  • 4 heaping tablespoons chocolate PB2, TruNut, or other powdered peanut butter product, preferably chocolate flavor (or you can also use a scoop of straight peanut butter)
  • 1/2 cup milk or plain-flavored milk substitute
  • OPTIONAL: Handful of spinach; you won’t taste it, it’s just for some extra nutrition
  • OPTIONAL: Crushed peanuts for garnish

Directions: Put it all in the blender and have it do its thing until smooth. C’mon, guys. It’s a smoothie. Get it together.

Variations: I’m all about variations because I like to be able to farm what I already have without necessarily taking a trip to the store, especially in cases like this where you’re just trying to throw together something quick. Taste and texture will vary, but what can ya do. That is the philosophy of the cheater’s recipe! With that in mind, here are some flex ingredients:

  • You can take out the yogurt and add a serving of chocolate protein powder and double the milk. I thought this was okay but the consistency isn’t as nice. Also, protein powder is very hit-or-miss with me as far as hunger goes. Also also, every chocolate protein powder I’ve ever tried has been weak sauce, but maybe that’s to counterbalance the equally inevitably aggressive vanilla flavors? 
  • Vanilla or plain yogurt and some cocoa powder could also work but I haven’t tried it. 
  • Or chocolate almond or soy milk could mix well too. 
  • Peanut butter allergy sufferers may substitute the nut butter of their choice.

Anyway, if you make it as I did, you’re looking at a minimum of 22 grams of protein – 15 grams from the yogurt and 8+ grams from the PB2 or whatever. And that’s not even taking the milk into account. Not too shabby.

And if you close your eyes and pretend you’re eating it while chilling on Main Street, USA? Less shabby still.

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? Bonus points if it’s WDW-related! (Or Arrested Development related, I guess…)

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In Which Jenn Has A Favorite Pre-runDisney Meal

I have a runDisney suggestion for you. It’s not that exciting. You are not going to be jazzed about it. But you have to trust me.

Articles abound about the best place to carb-load pre-runDisney race. Pasta places and pizza places are the favorites – Via Napoli, Tony’s, restaurants with flatbreads and noodle dishes. If you don’t want to have a sit-down meal, a lot of resorts have make-your-own-pasta stations.

Well, sit-down restaurants can be expensive and time-consuming. It may be tough to get the ADR you want. And I can tell you from experience that the lines for those resort pasta stations the night before a race are loooooong.

I would like to offer a different solution. It is multi-pronged. It is available at just about every resort. It is about as cheap as Disney gets. It is: The Pasta Kid’s Meal.

Clocking in at the time of this writing around $6, the pasta kid’s meal nets you a bowl of pasta with the sauce of your choice (and sometimes a meatball if you want one and your resort offers that option, as I find only some do), two sides, and a small drink. Some CMs will even throw in a breadstick for free, although some count this as a side.

I am not going to lie to you. This pasta with sauce is, to be frank, not delicious. It’s extremely bland. It’s kids’ food; it’s designed to be bland. I’m not talking about a taste sensation here. I’m talking food that will carb you up good WITHOUT MESSING WITH YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Very important, that last bit. And the kid-size bowl is built in portion-control; no risk of overeating pre-race.

But that’s not the only advantage of this meal. It multi-tasks! Your $6 meal comes with a small drink. Choose the mini bottle of water. Buy an additional bottle of PowerAde for tonight and drink that mini bottle in the morning before your race.

You also earn two sides. These could be grapes or apples or carrots or cookies, depending on location. I always get two cookies. I eat one with my pasta and save the other for first thing in the morning while prepping for the race. It’s delicious and small enough that even when I’m not hungry yet, I don’t have trouble downing it, thus sending me into the race with a shot of carbs and sugar. Energy ahoy!

Am I describing an amazing meal? God, no. But I’ve used this strategy three races in a row and felt great for all three of ’em – energized and sated without feeling heavy. Give it a try!

What’s your favorite pre-runDisney meal?

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In Which Jenn Plays The Post-Marathon Blame Game

I run the Marine Corps Marathon for time. I run the WDW Marathon for fun. So when I blew MCM and trounced WDW (but no PR because of character stops), I wanted to break down why. Prepare for many Thoughts On The Matter.

NOT REMOTELY MY FAULT: The weather. One can reasonably expect that the Marine Corps Marathon, on October 30, would be cool. The WDW Marathon, in the unpredictable land of Orlando winter, is something of a crap shoot, but one wouldn’t necessary lay down money on real cold. And yet MCM enjoyed a high of 78 degrees and, starting at 7:55am, that meant that the sun was beating down for the hardest, end miles. By contrast, WDW, starting at 5:30am, was coooooold all the way through. I’m not a cold weather runner but even I have to admit that cooler temperatures make for faster speeds. I’m just lucky my lungs didn’t seize up.
Which leads us to…

MOSTLY NOT MY FAULT: Hydration. I say mostly because I suppose I could’ve drunk even more water/Powerade in the days leading up to the race. Other than that, though, this was an extension of the weather. I took one cup of either water and Powerade at every stop during WDW and felt totally fine. During MCM, I took a water AND Powerade at every stop (and sometimes more toward the end) and felt like I was dying. At one point I took a beer shot from a spectator because ANYTHING liquid sounded amazing at the time. It was sunny and I was hot and I just couldn’t suck it down as fast as I was perspiring it out.

MOSTLY MY FAULT: Fueling. The heat also messed with my appetite during MCM. I refused all fuel during the race (although Dunkin’ wasn’t handing out munchkin donuts – what’s with that?). I distinctly remember running past Clif Shots and thinking, ugh, no, not hungry. MISTAKE.

During WDW I took all both Clif Shots offered to me, because mocha is AWESOME and whether or not you think you’re hungry, self, you need the fuel, okay? You’re running 26 MILES. Take the damn Clif Shot.

PRETTY MUCH MY FAULT: Pushing too hard. I was soooo determined to run all of MCM outside of water stops. I knew I could do it because my only real downfall in past attempts was the 14th Street bridge. So I pushed myself to run over that stupid, incline-y bridge, and I was so proud when I did it… only to collapse in on myself a mile or two later. I have a feeling this contributed to the pain I experienced.

By contrast, during WDW I took bathroom breaks and character stops and felt a-okay the whole race, only experiencing pain after when I tried to run for a bus (do NOT do that right after a marathon). I’m not ready to go full-Galloway (totally respect it but intervals interrupt my ability to zone out). But maybe, just MAYBE, allowing myself a break now and again isn’t such a terrible thing.

Incidentally, I don’t regret any of those character stops, even if they did destroy my PR. I think that’s kinda what runDisney’s ABOUT, don’t you?

POSSIBLY MY FAULT BUT I’M NOT SURE: Over-training. I ran a 20-miler before MCM, and then a 15-miler about 3 weeks before. Is that too much? I know this is personal and I’m really not sure. All I did before WDW was a lone 15-miler, also about 3 weeks out but that was the longest run during that training cycle. I suppose you could argue that my muscles retained a lot of the strength from MCM a couple months earlier, and I couldn’t get away with such a light training cycle otherwise. But I do wonder…

NOT REMOTELY MY FAULT: My GPS watch. My stupid GPS watch died during MCM. I only had a few miles left but without the feedback I felt lost, which didn’t help mentally (and I firmly believe something like 50% of a marathon is mental). For some reason my text message alerts didn’t work either, so I couldn’t even extrapolate from pad times.

Luckily, Pat got me a brand new, totally amazing GPS watch for Christmas that I used during WDW and it kicked all known forms of ass and some that haven’t even been invented yet. I didn’t even use half its battery. I looooove it.

Do I wish I could switch my MCM and WDW performances around? Kinda, yeah; sure woulda been nice to get that PR. But hey, you live and you learn. Or so I hear. I’ll try again next time. Speaking of which, anyone run the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon DC? What’s that like? I got a Groupon discount and couldn’t resist… Lucky number seven?

What do you think of my breakdown? Have you experienced any similar issues? What’s the best marathon training advice you ever received?

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In Which Jenn Wants To Make Saltface Happen

News flash: it was warm enough for me to go on a MORNING OUTDOOR RUN last week. Awwwww man. Don’t get me wrong, I wore wore sleeves and long pants, but still.

I was coming in from my run just as my boyfriend was jetting off to work. He gave me a goodbye kiss, which he followed up with “Ew.” To which I replied: “HAHAHAHA DELICIOUS” because I am a delightful girlfriend. What I’m trying to get at here is: SALTFACE.
You know what I’m talking about, right? You go for a long run, you really go for it, and somehow when you come back your face – your lips, your brows, your eyes – is crusted with a sweaty, salty melange of yuckiness.
Runner’s World assures us this is caused by a diet that is high in liquids and low in sodium; salty sweaters are doing well on the hydration front, plus we’re sweating hard so we’re working hard, right? Go us! Though we should probably add a bit more sodium to our diets for performance purposes.
But back the immediate topic: the resulting face paste. Is there a word for it? Do we not have an official portmanteau? WHY NOT? Saltface isn’t particularly flashy or clever, but it’s straightforward and it gets the job done. Use it! Like this!

FRIEND: How was your half marathon?
YOU: Great! I made a PR! I sweat so hard I came back with a major case of saltface. Do you have any soy sauce I could chug?

So, really, saltface is about honor. Tell your friends! Make it happen!
Do you get saltface? Are you willing to make saltface happen?

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In Which Jenn Does Not Believe In Meal Replacement

Hey, remember that time I got an Influenster Vox Box? And how I was honest in my reviews? And how I said because of that I’d probably never get another one?
Well, I was wrong. SO FAR. This may be the one to ruin it all.
You see, this Vox Box was filled with Slim Fast products. And while I don’t mean to pick on Slim Fast specfically here, as a recovering disordered eater I am extremely leery of diet products. I don’t like the regimentation, I don’t like the limitations, I don’t like the emphasis on pre-packaged, processed meal replacements over actually eating a meal. But I also don’t like being negative, so I decided to just keep quiet about this one.
Until I got an email from Influenster recognizing that I am a blogger and encouraging me to weigh in on my box with a post. Well. Ask and ye shall receive.
My box contained four Slim Fast items: a potato chip substitute, a cinnamon cookie substitute, a meal replacement bar, and a meal replacement shake. The shake was too sweet and frankly kind of gross; I took a couple sips and tossed the rest in the trash (I had the vanilla flavor; chocolate may have been more palatable). The bar was fine but for something that’s supposed to replace a meal it kept me full for maaaaaybe two hours. The crisps were tasty but didn’t provide much sustenance either. Of the three, the sour cream and onion “chips” were the best, in that the portion was fairly generous and as a snack it kept me satisfied for several hours. If you’re going to buy a Slim Fast product, I’d go with that one.
HOWEVER. I strongly dislike all of this, for the reasons noted above but primarily for this: what, am I just supposed to eat Slim Fast and only Slim Fast? Plus just celery and apples or whatever? Forever? Until I’ve lost enough weight? How much is that? Then what? What about if I just had a hard workout and… no, never mind. Slim Fast can’t possibly sustain a workout.
Again, not to single out Slim Fast exclusively here. They are but one brand in a sea of products promising to make you skinny. Screw those brands. Don’t let them tell you what to eat. Don’t let them define what you need. Embrace eating intuitively, with a mind to how you feel and how you WANT to feel. I know it’s hard – hell, I still struggle with it every day. But if the answer lies anywhere, it’s definitely NOT in the words “meal replacement.”

I am willing to field alternate opinions here. Has anyone had great success with something like Slim Fast?

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In Which Jenn Tosses Her Food Journal

Yesterday I did a thing.

I threw away my food journal.
This may seem like a poor choice. Food journals are good. They help us think about the choices we are making. They help us stay accountable. They help us take a hard look at what we’re putting in our bodies. 
The thing is… I don’t want to any more.
I no longer wish to think that hard about food.

I do not want it to have that power over me. I don’t want to agonize over what I eat. Sure, writing in a food journal sans any kind of calorie or fat count is much less restrictive than careful tracking, but for someone who has engaged in prolonged disordered eating in the past, it’s still a way of making food right or wrong.
“If I eat this donut, I will have to put it in my food journal, and that day will be ruined. I will no longer be able to look at Monday, September 14, and be happy about the nutritional choices I made. Never mind that I also ate yogurt, almonds, and avocado toast; I ate a donut and I can no longer consider this a successful food day. Well, I ate the donut. It’s in the journal. May as well have another; who cares at this point?”

I toyed with the beginning ideas of intuitive eating last year but I don’t know to what extent it really sunk in. Then the other day I ran across Isabel Foxen Duke’s intuitive eating site, and her posts really resonated with me. She says, among other many body- and mind-positive things, that normal eaters just eat. They eat what it feels right to eat when it feels right to eat it, and then they don’t think about it anymore. How that food makes you feel is information to be processed for future decisions. Beyond that, STOP OBSESSING or food begins to have power over you again.
Look, if you love your food journal and it makes you feel good, have at it! But I have spent far, far too much of my life freaking out about my weight and adjusting my food intake accordingly. The past five years have been spent slowly moving away from the mindset that there is something wrong with me that a 1,000 calorie a day diet can fix. Throwing away my food journal is one more way to distance myself from that idea. 
Hokey question: What something you like about your body shape? SHAPE. Not, like, your eye color or something, which I’m sure is hella gorgeous but that’s not the point. Here, I’ll go first: I have strong legs and a butt that doesn’t quit!

Jenn is running the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team. Will you help her earn her bib while fighting diabetes? Click here to make your tax-deductible donation.

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In Which Jenn Makes The Cheater’s Warm Leftover Salad

The cheater’s recipe I am about to impart to you may sound gross. In fact, it could BE gross, depending on the decisions you make. But if you proceed correctly, it will be a PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH.

A little background: my roommate hosted a Friendsgiving celebration on Saturday, and due to a recipe that lied through its text about the number of servings, she wound up with enough stuffing for the turkey AND two full casserole dishes. And since it was hosted at our apartment, the end result was that we now have two full casserole dishes full of stuffing.

I am not normally a particular fan of stuffing, preferring as I do my bread puddings sweet, but this stuff is seriously good, comprised of cornbread, sweet Italian sausage, and apples. So that’s fruit, gluten-free carbs, and protein – yay! Yet I am none so silly as to believe that this makes it healthy in large amounts.

Still, it is tasty, and we have a lot of it, and if we don’t let it go to waste then we can save a lot of money on groceries. Therefore I have put together a Consumption Plan.

You know those weird “bowl” meals they have at fast food restaurants (I wanna say KFC) that basically take a bunch of unhealthy stuff, toss it all in there, and call it a day? Well, it’s like that, only actually pretty good for you. I give you:

The Cheater’s Warm Leftover Salad

I know. Sounds weird. Stick with me here.

You will need:

  • Leafy greens (I like spinach)
  • One large sweet potato
  • A small portion of the savory leftover(s) of your choice
  • Salt if you want

Now do this:

  1. Stab your sweet potato with a knife a couple times, wrap it in a paper towel, and nuke it in the microwave until cooked through, approximately ten minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, stick your leftover(s) at the bottom of a large bowl. Heap your greens on top.
  3. Split your cooked sweet potato and scoop the innards onto the spinach. Mash it up.
  4. Stick your bowl o’ stuff in the microwave again and zap until the greens are wilted, approximately two minutes.
  5. Sprinkle a little salt on top if needed, mixed up, and dig in!

No picture because, let’s face it, this isn’t a particularly photogenic dish. But it’s warm and tasty and you get to eat your delicious leftovers – but not TOO much. Plus the greens and sweet potato are crazy nutritious. It works great with stuffing, and I can see mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or creamed vegetables coming out nicely. Do whatever will make your taste buds happy. Perfect as a packed lunch!

What do you think? Am I insane? What leftovers would you assault in this manner?

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In Which Jenn Makes Salads That Don’t Suck

Can we talk about salads? I myself have enjoyed any number of entree salads in my time… in restaurants. At home? Not so much. Sure, all your basic ingredients are there – lettuce, tomato, cheese, dressing – but historically I’ve found it well nigh impossible to create something satisfying. Healthy, sure, no problem, but if I’m not ALSO satisfied, what good does that do? I’m sure some people eat purely for nutrition with no thought for enjoyment, but as far as I’m concerned that’s no way to live.
But there’s nothing like a salad for maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet, so a few months ago I set off on a mission to formulate a GOOD salad at home. Something easy that doesn’t require tracking down elusive ingredients. Something that would take me a ton of time in the morning. AND I HAVE FOUND THE KEY.
My friends, it is the humble sweet potato.
In addition to being one of the most nutrient-dense foods available to man, these things are FREAKING DELICIOUS to begin with. I’m telling you: a nuke a sweet potato and mash it into a salad, and your lunch is now warm, tasty, filling, and FULL OF JOY.
See? A basic salad of spinach and mozzarella with a vinegar-and-oil dressing. Plus sweet potato? Glory. If you’re feeling extra indulgent and ready to protein it up, slap a chicken breast in there.

See? Doesn’t that look vibrant and awesome for all that it’s a homemade salad?
On the off chance you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t like sweet potatoes (I say this with love because my boyfriend numbers among you; no, but seriously, what’s wrong with you?), I have found one or two other iterations that, if not as filling as the sweet potato salad variation, at least make things more interesting. I’ve used guacamole, barbecue sauce, and marinara as salad dressings; all of these worked pretty well. Oh, and I can’t overemphasize the importance of remembering to add spices. A dash of salt and/or a garlic-based blend can work wonders for your taste buds.
This is the plant-based wisdom that I impart to you. Go. Try it. Tell me what you think.
What do you put in your salad that doesn’t suck?

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In Which Jenn Cheats With Frozen Fruit

This cheater’s recipe is also a cheaper recipe. Basically I want to talk to you about frozen fruit.

I know this is terrible sacrilege but I… don’t really like a lot of raw fruit. Apples? Bake them in a pie and come back to me. Pears? A little better but I’m still not super into it. Bananas? Talk to me after you’ve frozen them or topped them with peanut butter. I’m on board with raspberries and melons but they’re way more expensive and peaches seem to be truly in season for like three days in the summer at most. So – how can I get the nutrition of fruit without blowing my money on fruit that I’ll actually, willingly, y’know, eat?

I can assure you that Target didn’t pay me to say this: those Market Pantry giant bags of frozen strawberries and bananas are the BEST. They’re frequently on sale for $10 and you get 48 whole ounces. Awesome!

So what’s the cheater’s method of using this frozen fruit, you ask? (Besides smoothies, of course?) Why, to make killer breakfasts, of course! I give you the Non-Parfait (for when you need a hit of healthy protein) and its inbred cousin, the Oatmeal Mess (for when you need a hit of healthy carbs).

The Cheater’s Non-Parfait

You will need:

  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Frozen fruit (I use the Market Pantry strawberry and banana mix, but you do whatever makes you happy)
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey
  1. Measure out a cup or so of frozen fruit into a microwave-safe bowl. Add a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and nuke for approximately two minutes, until the fruit is warm and the peanut butter is a little melty. Mix.
  2. Ladle several spoonfuls of Greek yogurt over top.
  3. Hit the whole thing with a big ol’ swirl of honey and mix.
  4. If you prefer the temperature to remain homogenous, stick it in the fridge and come back to a cooler treat in about an hour. If you like a little hot-and-cold contrast, dig in!

Unfortunately, the Non-Parfait isn’t very photogenic, so let’s skip now to the similar Oatmeal Mess.

The Cheater’s Oatmeal Mess

Ingredients are the same except swap out a serving of dry quick-cooking oatmeal.

  1. Measure out a cup or so of frozen fruit into a microwave-safe bowl (but hang on to your peanut butter for now) and nuke for about a minute, just to soften things up.
  2. In a separate bowl, microwave your oatmeal according to the directions on the package.
  3. Quickly stir in a heaping spoonful of peanut butter. 
  4. Add your warm fruit, drizzle with honey, mix and enjoy!
Oatmeal Mess before mixing because it looks nicer that way.

What do you do with frozen fruit?

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In Which Jenn Makes The Cheater’s Veggie Sandwich

For this cheater’s recipe, you don’t even have to use a microwave. In fact, in the spirit of my IKEA assembly instruction foods, I’m essentially going to tell you: make a caprese sandwich. Only a little better. With More Veggies, you can feel More Healthy, plus More Fueled with carbs from the bread and protein from the cheese. You can add the pesto spread back in for the bread if you want, but I swapped in olive oil and spices for heart-healthy fats. Hotcha!


The Cheater’s Veggie Sandwich

You will need:

  • Two slices of good mozzarella
  • One tomato
  • One cucumber
  • A handful of spinach
  • A small loaf of French bread, white or wheat
  • Olive oil
  • Italian spice blend (plus a little salt if you want, to taste)
  1. Cut your bread loaf into the size sandwich you want, if necessary. Slice it lengthwise and then pull a bit of the innards out to make room for the fillings. (I recommend you eat the scraps with extra olive oil.)
  2. Place the two mozzarella rounds on the bottom piece of bread. Then eat a couple more slices because mozzarella is delicious.
  3. Artfully arrange your spinach leaves on top of the mozzarella.
  4. Slice your tomato and cucumber up and then add as many pieces of those as you like atop the spinach. 
  5. THIS LAST PART IS CLUTCH. DO NOT SKIP IT. Drizzle olive oil over the veggies and then sprinkle with your Italian spice blend and maybe a dash of salt if you want.
  6. Place the top slice of bread over the whole shebang, cut down the middle, and enjoy!

What’s your favorite sandwich recipe?

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