In Which Jenn Has A Sweaty Hair Epiphany

Several years ago I read a supposed statistic that something like 50% of women don’t work out because they don’t want to mess up their hair. Now, I don’t know if that’s a ridiculous fabrication or an equally ridiculous truth, but I CAN tell you that I recently had a Workout + Hair Epiphany. It happened when my roommate joined the legion of people, both Real Life- and Media-Based, that insist that you shouldn’t wash your hair more than, max, three times a week. It strips your hair of necessary oils and what have you and you’ll have a...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/08

JENN: So – how was your training this week? MOON: Remarkably uneventful, but steady. JENN: Sounds like an improvement! I had a much better run on Tuesday and then a much worse run on Thursday, so I’m not quite sure where I stand. I’m running the 17.75K – a skosh over 11 miles – on Saturday so I think I might mostly walk this week. Try to get the legs back. MOON: Oh, yay! Good luck! JENN: Thanks! MOON: Walking will probably be a nice break before the race JENN: How are things otherwise? New music? New sneakers? Anything...

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In Which Jenn Has Her Race Year Completely Planned Out

Well. Perhaps not COMPLETELY planned out. I could maybe toss a couple 5Ks in there if something interesting pops up. But here’s the major race plan skeleton. Item 1: I signed up for the Marine Corps 17.75K at Nicole‘s urging ’cause she was all THE MARINE CORPS MARATHON IS A LOTTERY THIS YEAR WE NEED THIS. See, if you finish the 17.75K, you get guaranteed entry to MCM. So I signed up – and then Nicole got shut out. Gulp. So… going this one alone. It’s on April 12, so SOON! Wish me luck. Or, as we say instead...

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Alice food

In Which Jenn Takes Her Vitamin, Singular

Not to suggest that you should believe everything (anything?) you read in your Facebook feed, but I was intrigued by a note posted by a former boss of mine last week about vitamin D. She claimed that she had been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, and because D is tied to thyroid function, it was messing with her weight. Once she started taking vitamin D supplements, she dropped twenty pounds. No other effort needed. Hmmm. Point 1: My family, both maternal and paternal, has a history of its female line suffering from hypothyroidism, which of course does a...

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Captain EO

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/01

JENN: THE SUN IS OUT. MOON: I KNOW! I’m sitting in it right now. 😀 JENN: Amazing. I’m going to go to Target on my lunch break just so I can go outside Speaking of outside, I love it when it gets warm because the odds of me having the gym all to myself increase. MOON: Haha, I hope that holds true for me also, but I tend to like running outdoors. How was your week? JENN: Oh, okay. Better than last week. Still not up to my normal standards. MOON: Saaaame. But, FINALLY the weather is better. Perhaps this is all we need. JENN: Here’s hoping! Here’s hoping...

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