The Fairest Week In Review: 4/22

Ariel wedding

Just me for the week in review this time around – Moon and I were at a wedding for much of the weekend and then there was Easter and basically we just haven’t had time to chat. Well. We had time to chat. But it was about other things.

Sample conversation topic: This vineyard makes great Malbec!

Here’s a general wedding anecdote you might enjoy: several years ago I informed my dad, in a purely hypothetical manner, that if I ever married I would want to elope because I don’t want people to stare at me for hours on end. Despite the fact that I was single and furthermore used the word “if” my dad went into an unexpected panic and jumped straight to a bribe: would I promise not to elope if he paid for a wedding at Walt Disney World?

I’m still saying “if” and I still think eloping would be the most painless way to wed, but it’s nice to have that in my back pocket.

Anyway. Really quick: running. That’s one of the main points of this blog, right? Running. I was in recovery mode from the HILLLLLLLS of the Marine Corps 17.75K, so I mostly went on long walks. But I did run once, and it was a solid sixteen miles, so that counts for something, right? It didn’t even make me want to kill myself! (Except for the first two miles when I tried to run outside. The pollen count proved to be too high for my lungs. I will regroup and try again later.)

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  1. Haha, "everyone staring at me" was half the reason I didn't want to have a wedding! My husband and I got married in Aruba, just the two of us – our parents knew about it so Im not sure it would be considered "eloping", but I am just so not a wedding person!

  2. OMG, first of all, how the hell is 16 miles a recovery run?!?! Did I miss the memo where you're supposed to run crazy long distances after your race of long distances?!?! Anyway…

    …I would LOVE to have had my dad offer to have my wedding at Disney World, although I still hate being the center of attention. In fact it was my dream once upon a time to get married in WDW! Unfortunately, I am (mostly) Greek, so My Big Fat Greek Wedding it was! There were many, MANY conversations with my mother that led to me asking my husband to elope instead.

  3. I'm sure there was Windex somewhere! Who knows, my husband may have had a zit that morning that went away thanks to Windex…but I foolishly forgot to ask him that day 🙁

    And 16 miles not "until" Thursday is still crazy.

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