In Which Jenn Notes Something Odd About “Jolly Holiday”

A truly great animated film transcends age, appealing to audiences of all ages. Of course, sometimes there are jokes aimed squarely adults that fly merrily over the kids’ heads, often sexual, political, or otherwise sly. When we go back and re-view the films of our childhoods, it’s not uncommon to have a couple OHHHHH moments.


Here’s my favorite: in Mary Poppins, there’s an entire verse of the “Jolly Holiday” song dedicated to the fact that unlike many men, you can totally trust Bert not to rape you.

Let’s break it down.

Mary Poppins sings:

Oh, it’s a jolly holiday with you, Bert
Gentlemen like you are few [BERT: A vanishing breed, that’s me]
Though you’re just a diamond in the rough, Bert
Underneath your blood is blue [BERT: Common knowledge!]

Okay, MPopps, with you so far: you’re saying Bert is a blue collar worker with a genteel soul. Do go on.

You’d never think of pressing your advantage
Forbearance is the hallmark of your creed [BERT: True]

So, like, Bert’s #1 rule is not to hit on girls? Okay, that’s fair. What else?

A lady needn’t fear when you are near
Your sweet gentility is crystal clear

A lady needn’t fear? And this is a vanishing breed? What the hell are the men in Edwardian England like?

It’s cool though, ladies; you can be sure Bert won’t sexually assault you. What a guy.

(Actually, I know why they did this – P.L. Travers insisted that there be no sexual or romantic tension between Mary Poppins and Bert,* and I guess this verse was drawing the explicit line. But geez, guys. Subtle much?)

* Julie Andrews is on record as saying that she hopes the two got together all the same. Also she assures us that Mary Poppins both uses the bathroom and has orgasms. God, I love her.

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The Fairest Week In Review: 7/18

Hellllo again! I am back from the beach. I ran. I read. I didn’t get bitten by bedbugs, although Pat thinks maybe he was? We’re still parsing that out. It was a good time, anyway.

Hang on for a two-week workout recap!

Sunday, July 2 | ran 7.29 miles outside in 1:20

Monday, July 3 | walked 2.13 miles outside in 35 minutes; 50 minute Horton jazz dance class
Good God, guys, I had NO IDEA that jazz used such completely different muscles from ballet. The backs of my upper thighs in particular were screaming for days.

Tuesday, July 4 | ran 7.34 miles outside in 1:20
I completed the entire run because…

Waka waka!

Wednesday, July 5 | ran 5.42 outside miles in 60 minutes

Thursday, July 6 | walked 2.05 miles in 35 minutes; 80 minute ballet class

Friday, July 7 | ran 7.27 miles outside in 1:20

Saturday, July 8 | rest

Sunday, July 9 | ran 5.08 miles outside in 50 minutes
I’m going to talk about this in more detail in a post later this week, but running on the boardwalk was AMAZING. So flat! So straight! So breezy!

Monday, July 10 | rest

Tuesday, July 11 | ran 5.03 miles outside in 50 minutes

Wednesday, July 12 | rest

Thursday, July 13 | ran 5.06 miles outside in 50 minutes

Friday, July 14 | rest

Saturday, July 15 | rest
End of vacation. 🙁 🙁 🙁

I am proud to announce that, despite the fact that I was not at WDW, I Disney-fied the bejeezus out of my beach vacation courtesy of Pat’s toddler niece. We watched Mary Poppins, most of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and about a third of 101 Dalmations; we turned that one off not because Cruella DeVille was too scary, but rather Horace and Jasper. I have much to learn of child psychology. I can’t wait until she’s old enough for the parks!

And now: the roundup.

Elbowglitter puts more thought into why racers cheat.
WDW for Grownups puts together a cute Old Hollywood (Studios) date night.
Disney Nerds visits Disney Springs’ The Ganachery.
easyWDW tries out the Happily Ever After version of the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks dessert party
– … and This Fairy Tale Life compares and contrasts ALL the dessert parties.
Disney In Your Day has the dirt on D23’s park announcements
– … and Disney Dork Tom considers what WASN’T announced.
The Main Street Gazette digs into DAK’s ever-delightful decor and signage. Best for thirst, yes!

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In Which Jenn Has A Grand Floridian Dream

I had the craziest WDW dream a couple weeks ago! And for once it didn’t involve me missing/almost missing/generally messing up a runDisney race!

Okay, so the first thing that’s weird about this dream is that I was staying at the Grand Floridian. This is stange enough, because there’s no way in hell I could afford that, but it gets weirder: I was there with my parents. My parents would NEVER drop that kind of money on a hotel regardless of their financial situation, and also, their interest in WDW is cursory at best (although I’m working on it with my mom).

Anway, there was a lot of bizarre dream stuff where I think I may have been sick, but also I was sleeping, but ALSO I was on the treadmill in the hotel gym and my mom was trying to force-feed me gross apple juice because apparently this would help me feel better and also keep me from keeping other people awake, or something? I don’t know. The usual dream logic.

But this is when the dream got fun. I was trying to make my way back to the room – but I couldn’t remember my room number. I was walking through the GF’s cavernous main lobby when I came upon a CM dressed as they do there, with the short pants and newsboy cap. I was walking behind two businessmen in suits when I decided to start singing “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from Mary Poppins, including the second verse because I’m a badass like that. This apparently impressed the CM, who began singing with me. We harmonized a beautiful, drawn out final note (OH! LET’S! GOOOOO! FLY A KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE!*) and the businessmen applauded, and then everyone around us started clapping.

That’s the bulk of my dream, but I will note that after that I somehow transported to the old style of resort arcade, when they used to have a prize counter, and it was HOPPING which was odd because in my dream it was like 1am. Also I passed a 3D Beauty and the Beast movie with a marquee and everything and I was like, that’s weird, I didn’t know there were attractions inside resorts, but I kept walking because I was still trying to find my room. I woke up before I ever found it. I hope my dream parents weren’t worried.

And that may be the closest I ever get to staying in the Grand Floridian.

Have you had a Disney dream lately? What happened? Did you engage in impromptu karaoke too?

* No, sir. I don’t mean you personally.

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In Which Jenn Sees Julie Andrews In Person

I have been working for a performing arts center for over three years. Never in those three years have I been as excited as I was when this very special booking came through:


THAT’S RIGHT – last weekend I saw Julie Andrews speak. Like, actual, legit Julie Andrews. Like, Mary Poppins Maria Von Trapp Cinderella Victor Victoria ONE MAN’S DREAM REMEMBER DREAMS COMES TRUE JULIE ANDREWS.

Are you listening to me??? JULIE! ANDREWS!!!!

Tragically, restrictions on the number of people backstage made it impossible to meet her personally. But I did take a seat in the orchestra tier – a mere few hundred feet away from JULIE ANDREWS IN THE FLESH – and listened to her real voice for realsies.

She told lots of great stories about her life, but of course it’s the Mary Poppins stuff I want to talk about here.

  • When Disney was first wooing Julie for the part of Mary Poppins, he wined and dined her and her then-husband Tony Walton sumptuously. One of their activities was hitting the local race course and betting on the ponies. Walt was excited to see a horse in the lineup named Little Walt, and although he was a longshot he put a bunch of money on him for the win. Julie felt like they needed to do the same, so they too put everything they had on Little Walt – and he won!
  • Walt also gave them a personal tour of Disneyland, much like Travers got in Saving Mr. Banks. And while she didn’t mention it during the event, we all know she has her own official carousel horse!
  • P.L. Travers personally called Julie… in the hospital… the day after she gave birth… to give her opinion on whether the actress was right for the role. “Well, you’re much too pretty,” said Travers, “but you have the nose for it.”
  • A theater tech in charge of rigging nearly dropped her on her head while filming one of the float-y scenes. The story suggests his name is Joe. Let’s find him and destroy him!
  • When asked to pick between leading men Christopher Plummer and Dick Van Dyke, Julie channeled her reputation for sweetness and declared she simply couldn’t choose.

Obviously, if you EVER have the chance to see Julie Andrews speak in person, JUMP ON IT. She doesn’t tour a lot and it’s 100% worth the cost. She remains one of my personal heroes – and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to meet her properly next time!

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite Disney Movie When You Were A Kid?

JENN: Squirtgun To Your Head time! What was your favorite Disney movie when you were a little kid?

MOON: How little are we talking?

JENN: I’d say… younger than ten. Whatever you watched most often in your single-digit years.

MOON: Mary Poppins.


Most often? Maybe Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


JENN: Oh my…

MOON: Okay, going with Mary Poppins. I wanted to be Burt when I was a kid; he always seemed to have interesting jobs.

This is also Ruffian’s favorite.

In fact, I’m not sure why I don’t have his instrumental outfit. I’m not sure why I don’t parade around Baltimore like that every day.

JENN: Neither am I. Your hat would be FULL of coins!

MOON: Your turn!

JENN: This may seem random, but: 101 Dalmatians. I would like to say it’s because I had such a keen ear for the jazzy masterpiece that is “Cruella deVille,” but if I’m being honest it’s probably just because PUPPIES.

My uncle bought me a 101 Dalmatians sleeping bag for Christmas when I was, oh, six or seven. I still have it. Oh, and I had a stuffed Perdita that I looooved. I drew comic strips about our adventures and everything.

MOON: I remember my mom almost let me have a Dalmatian once. I think she had a friend who was a breeder (is that the correct term?) and we were all set to take a puppy home… And I honestly don’t know what happened. My mom must have gotten cold feet.

JENN: Awww. Near miss.

MOON: No puppy for us.

JENN: If it helps, we didn’t get a dog until we found one. While my mom was on a business trip.

MOON: Ha, fair enough.

I eventually got a hamster. All was well.

What was YOUR favorite Disney movie when you were a little kid?

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