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The Fairest Week In Review: 6/20

It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, guys. Workout log, roll tape: Sunday | ran 10.34 miles outside in 1:45 Monday | walked 2.31 miles in 40 minutes No ballet this week between spring and summer semesters. Tuesday | ran 5.28 miles outside in 55 minutes Wednesday | ran 5.22 miles outside in 55 minutes Thursday | walked 2.41 miles outside in 40 minutes Friday | ran 5.19 miles outside in 55 minutes; walked 2.37 miles outside in 40 minutes It was quiet around the office, so I took a bonus walk. Saturday | rest Elizabeth¬†and I went...

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In Which Jenn Sees Julie Andrews In Person

I have been working for a performing arts center for over three years. Never in those three years have I been as excited as I was when this very special booking came through: JULIE. ANDREWS. THAT’S RIGHT – last weekend I saw Julie Andrews speak. Like, actual, legit Julie Andrews. Like, Mary Poppins Maria Von Trapp Cinderella Victor Victoria ONE MAN’S DREAM REMEMBER DREAMS COMES TRUE JULIE ANDREWS. Are you listening to me??? JULIE! ANDREWS!!!! Tragically, restrictions on the number of people backstage made it impossible to meet her personally. But I did take a seat in the orchestra...

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