The Fairest Week In Review: 4/28


JENN: How was your week in running?

MOON: The week was good running-wise. Yesterday I experienced extreme hunger and the only culprit could be maybe too much running and/or too little caloric intake. Has that ever happened to you?

JENN: I’m often super hungry the day after a big run, yeah. After all, you’ve got muscles to build up!

MOON: It felt like being sick! I’m can’t seem to be sated. I mean, I’m even eating a bowl of granola as we speak.

JENN: Granola is pretty delicious.

MOON: Well, yes. It IS ginger granola, after all. And it is delicious. How was your week?

JENN: Pretty good. I actually made my 30 mile a week Wishful Thinking goal! I did a 14 miler on Thursday and while it was hardly my best work I soldiered through.

This week, however, is Mostly Rest Week. I have my ballet performance this weekend, which means tech week this week, which means being at the ballet studio or the theater almost every single day. I only have Tuesday off, so rather than exhaust myself by attempting to double up with early mornings or late nights, I’m just going to do one run this week.

Last year during this time I didn’t run at all, but since I’m not feeling quite as burned out as I did then I figure one run will be good to keep conditioning up.

MOON: Oh, riiiight! What ballet are you doing this year?

JENN: Persephone; I’m a denizen of Hades. I can’t say I’m super comfortable with the role – I don’t do menacing well – but whatever. It’ll be over soon!

I was actually going to take the week off from posting to the blog, too, but there’s a TON of stuff to talk about so I’m going to do at least one more post, maybe two. Julie Andrews and marathon news coming!

MOON: Cooooooool!I’m pretty close to making a marathon announcement official/

JENN: Yay! You’ll definitely have to do an Announcement Post. 😀

And now for the roundup portion of this post.

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