In Which Jenn & Moon Try To Choose A Marathon

Baltimore Marathon

Hi there! Jenn here. The following is a conversation Moon and I had a couple days ago wherein we attempted to pare down our choices for Moon’s first marathon. We did not originally write it as a blog post, but I thought it might be an interesting insight into the factors that affect the decision – finances, timing, course, etc.

JENN: Any marathon-y thoughts lately?

MOON: I’ve been leaning towards the Baltimore Marathon. Because it occurs around my birthday, I though maybe asking my parents to help with the fees as a present.

JENN: So how hilly is this thing? Maaaaaaybe I would do it with you…………. be honest, because I WILL whine. 😉

MOON: Hmm, my running course near my apartment is straight up hills for two miles. It’s not a STEEP incline, but it’s a pain.

JENN: Is it part of the course?

MOON: I think part of druid hill park IS part of the marathon. I hear you don’t run through the zoo anymore, but do the lake and stuff. The zoo would be boss.

JENN: No zoo? Lame. Is there a course map?

MOON: I believe you run just outside of the zoo. Course map is here.

JENN: Looking at pricing… cheaper than runDisney, of course. But the half is only $10 cheaper than the full? Well psh.

MOON: Yeah, I know.

JENN: What do they mean in this description by “fair yet challenging”? Fair as in pretty? Fair as in just? “This course will be judged by a jury of your peers.”

MOON: LOL. The beginning will be hilly. 15-22 = count on uphill. The last two miles shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe I could try running this course for practice and let you know. Maybe in chunks.

JENN: Does it usually sell out?

MOON: Yes,

JENN: Hmmmmm. I wish we could sign up for these things, like, a week in advance. Do the training, obviously, but make the decision at a later date.

MOON: How much is the WDW Marathon? If I could choose any for my first marathon it would be WDW.

JENN: Pricing is here. $175 for just the marathon; Goofy is $360.

MOON: Hmm, $360 is a bit steep.

JENN: Well, Goofy would be the half AND the full. We don’t have to do that; I just figured I’d throw out the option since you get an extra medal and stuff. 🙂

MOON: I will have to think on it. Do you think the WDW marathon will sell out before May 19th?

JENN: Barring any miracles it will. I think if we want to do it we need to be on the computer registering exactly at noon at Tuesday. Now, if you want to do it through a charity, you have more time.

MOON: I simply won’t have the expendable income again until mid-May. I think I might have to do the Baltimore one.

JENN: Well, here’s a thought. How do you honestly feel about the Baltimore Marathon?

MOON: I think I could do it. It will be hard.

JENN: I know you could. But The Marine Corps Marathon is a week later and the course is mostly flat.

MOON: Hmmmmmm.

JENN: You could get a charity bib, maybe for your mom’s thing? You could crash at my place the night before if you wanted; I live within safe and easy walking distance of the Metro now. I could potentially do it with you depending on the charity’s fundraising requirements.

I mean, the Baltimore Marathon will in some ways be easier for you. But MCM is well known as a good beginner’s marathon. It’s really up to you, but it’s another option. 🙂 I also hear good things about the Philadelphia Marathon.

MOON: If we did that one it could snow. O.o I will compile a pros and cons list!

JENN: Sounds good! So we’ll take the WDW Marathon off the table?

MOON: Yeah, let’s do that.

JENN: I can’t say that doesn’t make me a little sad but it’s really the wisest fiscal decision for both of us, I think. The Princess Half registration doesn’t open until July 14 – maybe we can do that one?

MOON: It’s definitely a possibility!

And that’s where we currently stand on the whole marathon-choosing thing. What do you think? How do you select which races to run?

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    2 – Boo to no WDW (I did Goofy as my first and that took a while to sell out…in case minds get changed)
    3- Yay for Princess! I will be there! DO EET!

    (And this is why I'm broke in case you were wondering)

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