Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

In Which Jenn & Moon Are Ready For The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

JENN: So: you ready for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on Sunday? MOON: Actually, I think so. But so help me…. IF IT RAINS… >_< JENN: Right now we’re looking good: high of about 70, no rain in the forecast. Mind you, it’s still a couple days out, but if that holds we’ll be in really good shape. MOON: Yes. My worry, however, is the forecast up until race day. Rain every day. So… if rain slows down, it’ll delay itself into Sunday. JENN:Hopefully it rains itself out! MOON: You’re right, I should be positive. No rain! (Hopefully…) JENN: Do you have any goals set? I...

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This area is being refurbished

Kill/Refurb/Marry: Disney Partners

It’s Kill/Refurb/Marry time! Today’s blog hop topic is “Disney Partners” otherwise described as “Disney Best Friends.” I’ve put some thought into it and decided upon the following: Kill: Mike, Sully & Boo from Monsters, Inc. I don’t know if you want to argue that Mike & Boo are more of a team or Sully & Boo are more of team or what. All I know is that if Boo is playing for your team, YOU LOSE. Refurb: The Figment Crew from Journey Into Your Imagination at Epcot I was having a little trouble determining which Disney buddy pair I wanted to refurb...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 4/07

JENN: Okay, I know this isn’t REALLY relevant, but I want to start off this post by showing everyone the AMAZING thing Pat bought for my cats. Yes? Fantastic? Unbeatable? Basically the best thing ever? Good. We can talk about running now. Moon, take it away! MOON: This is relevant! About a month ago my old roommate informs me over dinner, “Did you know that long-distance running is supposedly worse for you than not exercising at all?” We frequently joke with each other over our extremely dichotomous lifestyles. WELL. A recently study has proved that these results cannot be verified!...

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In Which Jenn Ponders Tangential Disney Things

Are there any things in your daily life that make you think of Disney even thought in the absolutely technical sense they have nothing whatsoever to do with Disney? I’ve been running across this phenomenon largely as regards music. Remember that time Estelle and I watched the Burudika concert and the crowd did a dance to Shakira’s “Waka Waka?” Well, now “Waka Waka” very specifically makes me think of being in the Animal Kingdom to the point where I downloaded the song just so I can relive the experience on runs. Similar: remember that time Pat and I stopped in...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Says Goodbye To Her Running Shoes

Farewell and adieu to my fair Brooks Ravennas Farewell and adieu to my Ravenna 5s For the 6 has replaced you and they’re purging your inventory And never n’more shall we see you again </end weird Jaws reference that doesn’t even rhyme> I have been hit by another runner rite of passage: my preferred sneaker is being phased out. I’ve been using Brooks Ravennas since October of 2013, and five pairs later they’re still my go-to shoe. Since I started using them the instances of knee pain I’ve suffered have reduced to a minimum frequency. Correlation, causation, blah blah blah...

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Nervous breakdown

In Which Moon Muses On Pre-Race Anxiety

Greetings from your not-so-frequent-solo-poster Moon! I feel honored to be writing today, April 1, my favorite holiday. I also find it ironic that a solo post is due for you, readers, on April Fools’ Day (it’s not a joke, this is a real post!). Hmm—and this is just a side note—I auspiciously also had a dream earlier this week about Chaucer (from whom we glean our first correlations between foolishness/silliness and the first day of April), the apocalypse (this is a recurring theme in my dreams >_>…), disease, and Disney World. Buuuut, more on that another time. What this really means: it...

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