In Which Jenn Ponders Tangential Disney Things


Are there any things in your daily life that make you think of Disney even thought in the absolutely technical sense they have nothing whatsoever to do with Disney?

I’ve been running across this phenomenon largely as regards music. Remember that time Estelle and I watched the Burudika concert and the crowd did a dance to Shakira’s “Waka Waka?” Well, now “Waka Waka” very specifically makes me think of being in the Animal Kingdom to the point where I downloaded the song just so I can relive the experience on runs.

Similar: remember that time Pat and I stopped in at the Rose & Crown and that performer guy was singing songs and he did “Wild Rover” and I sang and clapped along? “Wild Rover” (to be precise, the Dropkick Murphys cover of “Wild Rover”) now transports me directly back to that moment.

And it’s not exclusively music. Remember that time Pat and I hunkered down on the ground in Liberty Square and waited for the parade? We were right in front of the produce stand, and while I staked a claim on our space Pat bought us drinks. I had just run the marathon that morning and was in the mood for my old hydration favorite, seltzer. So Pat brought me back a can of Dasani seltzer water in the berry flavor.

Darn it all if every time I see a case of canned Dasani seltzer water in the berry flavor I don’t immediately think of that moment.

Tangential Disney things

I know. I KNOW. I am SO NOSTALGIC it’s ridiculous. This is completely true, in all aspects of my life (we’ll talk about my inability to throw away ticket stubs later). My brain keeps forging the weirdest connections! But… I kind of like them. Kinda like with my Disney soap and other not-Disney-but-still-Disney souvenirs.

What strange jumps does your brain make to Disney?

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  1. The apocalypse/alien invasion of the earth (dreams, man…)

    And snapping turtles (I came across a snapping turtle somewhere on disney grounds once as a kid and I remember my Dad being all, "Wow, hold it right there! that's a snapping turtle! It bites!" That's one of three memories I have of that trip).

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