Music notes

In Which Jenn Listens To ALL The Music Live

I feel like we haven’t talked about music lately, so here’s a whole bunch of it. Do you guys get inspired to listen to a particular artist when you know you’re going to see them live soon? I do! It’s a great way to zone out when I’m running: imagining I’m at the concert and not pounding away at the treadmill. Lucky for me, I have tickets to three great concerts coming up over the next couple months. Or that just happened; I originally wrote this post last week but it got punted from its planned Friday slot in...

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In Which Jenn Ponders Tangential Disney Things

Are there any things in your daily life that make you think of Disney even thought in the absolutely technical sense they have nothing whatsoever to do with Disney? I’ve been running across this phenomenon largely as regards music. Remember that time Estelle and I watched the Burudika concert and the crowd did a dance to Shakira’s “Waka Waka?” Well, now “Waka Waka” very specifically makes me think of being in the Animal Kingdom to the point where I downloaded the song just so I can relive the experience on runs. Similar: remember that time Pat and I stopped in...

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Broken headphones

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/12

JENN: So how was the training this week? MOON: Very good! I remain consistent with mileage and daily activity. How was yours? JENN: Ha – it was pretty terrible. That minor cough I was talking about last week? Yeah, it wasn’t quite done with me. I was sooooo slooooooow all week and even suffered some lung capacity reduction on Monday. But I ultimately got my mileage in, one way or another, so I guess it worked out. I just didn’t enjoy it overly. MOON: Did you still run outside? JENN: Largely, yeah.So I’m scarcely blazingly speedy as it is. But I’m working on...

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