In Which Jenn Listens To ALL The Music Live

Music notes

I feel like we haven’t talked about music lately, so here’s a whole bunch of it.

Do you guys get inspired to listen to a particular artist when you know you’re going to see them live soon? I do! It’s a great way to zone out when I’m running: imagining I’m at the concert and not pounding away at the treadmill. Lucky for me, I have tickets to three great concerts coming up over the next couple months. Or that just happened; I originally wrote this post last week but it got punted from its planned Friday slot in favor of my diatribe about the W&D changes. Alterations have been made therefore.

Anyway. Here’s my inspiration for the coming training season!

First up: Shamrock Fest was last Saturday! I wore my awesome shamrock socks, but then my eyes are hazel-green so I’m ALWAYS ready for St. Patrick’s Day. Plus I attended with a Patrick so I’m basically always all decked out.

Lots of bands were there, including the Dropkick Murphies, but I was in it for the one, the only: FLOGGING MOLLY! YAY YAY YAY! They played my favorite song, too! (It’s this one.)

Back to the future again. This week I’ll be heading into downtown D.C. for the retro-rock awesomeness that is J. Roddy Walston & The Business.

And finally (for now), looking further ahead, the end of summer will see us at a Brian Wilson concert as the former Beach Boy performs allll of the Pet Sounds album. Pat assures me this is the greatest album ever according to the Beatles. I say: bring on the “Sloop John B!”

Are you holding on to concert tickets? What are you currently into listening to while you run?

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