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Stop Trying To Make A runDisney Bib Lottery Happen!

Ahhh, yes. Another day, another runDisney race registration day disaster. Okay, disaster’s a little strong; nobody died about it. People sure were pissed, though! And, to a degree, understandably so. When a runDisney bib absolutely mandates entering the virtual queue even before registration opens, people arrange their days accordingly. WAIT, WHAT’S WRONG WITH runDISNEY RACE REGISTRATION? If you’re not...

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In Which Jenn Has A New Hope

Whew, it’s stressful out there in runDisney registration land lately! Yesterday I jumped into the Annual Passholder presale virtual queue for next year’s Star Wars Rivals Half Marathon (take two). I won’t leave you in suspense: I made it! I’m registered! Hooray! But holy guacamole, getting in was anxiety-inducing. Although anecdotal evidence suggests that the order to get through...

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