The Fairest Week In Review: 3/24

Marine Corps Marathon

JENN: Happy Marine Corps Marathon Lottery Entry Opening Day! May we all make it!

In less potentially fun news…

MOON: My boyfriend was placed in a hospital (as a doctor, not a patient, at least) so I’m moving to Boston. ;-;


But then of course I hear Boston’s pretty cool. They have that marathon that’s supposed to be good.

MOON: I’m sorry, but all positive things about the city are out of my reach right now. I’m bummed. Super bummed.

JENN: You won’t be that far! I’ll visit you!

MOON: I only live 45 minutes from most people now and I never see them. >_>

JENN: True. So we’ll be BETTER about visiting because it’ll be an event!

MOON: No job, crappy apartment, cold. This is my life to be.

JENN: Noooo. You’ll be great! Think of all the new places you can run! And of course you can always run straight through any troubles you may encounter. That’s the road racer way!

MOON: ;.;

JENN: Have you been running at all?

MOON: Minimally.

JENN: Hey, that’s better than nothing!

MOON: I keep telling myself that.

JENN: It’ll be okay, I promise. We’ll pick a race to do together someplace warm. It doesn’t even have to be a runDisney race if you don’t want to. 😉

MOON: Okay. 🙂

JENN: All right, everybody, let’s cheer Moon up. Have you been to Boston? Are you from Boston? What makes Boston awesome?!

In other cheerier thoughts, it’s roundup time.

Just Me & My Running Shoes walks us through deferring a runDisney race.
Why I Run Disney ran a race through a different park – Knott’s Berry Farm.
Pink Elephant on Parade can help you plan your runDisney trip.
Fairytales & Fitness wears race shirts WHENEVER, thank you.
Teacups & Turkey Legs hits a bunch of Epcot Flower & Garden Festival food kiosks.
Rolling with the Magic offers a great summary of wheelchair access at Disney parks.
This Fairytale Life highlights an adorable Kate Spade Minnie Mouse collection I can’t afford.
WDW for Grownups lists what’s best at WDW.
The Disney Tourist Blog knows how to pack for the parks. (Step one: insert cat.)
easyWDW shows that even the Fuhrer is excited for DAK’s new offerings

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