Jenn & Moon

In Which Moon Makes Her Move

GUYS GUYS GUYS you’ll never guess who we’re welcoming back today! MOON IS HERE! Hellooo! I’ve been off the map for a long time! In the event that anyone is interested in my life pertaining to running these past months, I’m sad to say that I’ve fallen out of my routine. Routines are so nice. Structure is so nice. Since 2009, I’ve worked really hard to establish a running routine. I’ve had some minor upsets, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone as long as I have this past year without running. Now that it’s been so long since...

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The Fairest Run Of All

In Which This Blog Is Three

Wanna hear something weird? The Fairest Run Of All is three years old today! (In celebration, I tweaked the layout/design a little. Thoughts?) I started this blog with Moon with the initial goal of trying to eventually run all the runDisney races, which three years ago was a much less daunting task. The growing roster of races plus the reality of how budgeting actually works made for a pretty quick pivot away from that completionist goal, but we’ve still made the most out of all the running and racing we can, meeting some awesome people along the way. Sadly, Moon...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/21

JENN: I know you’re crunched for time – TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RUNNING. MOON: WHAT RUNNING? JENN: THE SWISHY BIT WITH THE LEGS AND THE HUSTLE. MOON: A LUXURY AT THE MOMENT. ._. That doesn’t exist. JENN: Awww. Got your eyes on the future prize, I hope? MOON: I don’t know what that means… JENN: That you shall run again, and it will be glorious! MOON: Yeah, eventuallyyyyy. JENN: In beautiful Boston! (I assume it’s beautiful; I’ve never been.) MOON: It’s beautiful for a handful of months out of TWELVE. I went last weekend. Required a sweater AND a coat. JENN: Adventures in snowy running, then! MOON: I will not concede to snow...

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Marine Corps Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/24

JENN: Happy Marine Corps Marathon Lottery Entry Opening Day! May we all make it! In less potentially fun news… MOON: My boyfriend was placed in a hospital (as a doctor, not a patient, at least) so I’m moving to Boston. ;-; JENN: Which is sad because WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT CLOSE MOON PROXIMITY? But then of course I hear Boston’s pretty cool. They have that marathon that’s supposed to be good. MOON: I’m sorry, but all positive things about the city are out of my reach right now. I’m bummed. Super bummed. JENN: You won’t be that far! I’ll visit you! MOON: I only live...

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