The Fairest Week In Review: 4/21

Mickey running

JENN: I know you’re crunched for time – TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RUNNING.



MOON: A LUXURY AT THE MOMENT. ._. That doesn’t exist.

JENN: Awww. Got your eyes on the future prize, I hope?

MOON: I don’t know what that means…

JENN: That you shall run again, and it will be glorious!

MOON: Yeah, eventuallyyyyy.

JENN: In beautiful Boston! (I assume it’s beautiful; I’ve never been.)

MOON: It’s beautiful for a handful of months out of TWELVE. I went last weekend. Required a sweater AND a coat.

JENN: Adventures in snowy running, then!

MOON: I will not concede to snow running.

JENN: That’s fair. Neither will I, really. I am a treadmill devotee in the name of temperature control.

MOON: It’s more the falling. Slipping, rather.

JENN: Also a good point.

MOON: I’ve slipped on ice more times than I care to recall.

JENN: Eek. Yeah, no thanks! BUT. Good thing summer is just on the horizon! I ran outside this week and everything.

MOON: I have been along the Charles a few times, but I can’t remember how good the shade is… If there’s shade then I’m all set for a nice route for the summer.

JENN: Awesome!

Also awesome: the roundup.

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