The Fairest Week In Review: 3/16

Data laughing

JENN: What many wonderful things are going down in the world of Moon Running? (It’s like moonwalking, but faster.)

MOON: Usually faster.

JENN: Invariably!

MOON: Moon Running has been average. Nothing befitting a real title or anything. How’s Jenn Running?

JENN: Like gin-running, only… actually, I don’t know at what speeds one generally runs gin. I’m going to let this pun pass. (Reluctantly.)

MOON: I don’t understand the pun if that’s any comfort.

JENN: Rum-running is a thing; I figured gin-running must be too. I could be wrong.

Jenn Running was outside last week due to the unseasonably warm weather, but with the return of March chill and Daylight Savings Time’s later sunrises that probably won’t be happening again for at least another couple weeks.

Anything exciting on the horizon? New gear? New distances? Speedwork?

MOON: Hm, nothing in particular. Mostly just getting in shape again so I can do some longer runs.

JENN: Is this going to be The Year of the Marathon?

MOON: Hmmm. Probably not? I guess it depends on where I move, my job, etc.

JENN: True. But just about everywhere has a marathon, and a lot of them aren’t until fall. You could totally do it!

MOON: In the famous words of Milton Davis Jr. (look at me making a Disney tie-in!): It could happen.

JENN: It could! Definitely happening: the roundup.

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