In Which Jenn’s Runs Are Haunted By Demons Or Something?

Bethesda Trolley Trail

Nobody panic, but there MIGHT be a demon-summoning cult on my running trail.

Their fiendish rituals have become a fixture of my Sunday morning runs, a brief distraction around mile 3 for which I am thankful. Of course, that’s up until I get chased by a dragon or the Antichrist or something. 

No, no, I kid. (Probably.) I’m pretty sure I’ve figure this out. But first, let me set the scene:

My regular running route passes by, among other things, a local park. Its most distinguishing features are a playground, baseball diamond, and pavilion. Over the past couple years I’ve never noticed much activity aside from playing children.

That all changed a couple months ago. As I ran past in blissful ignorance, movement caught my eye. Under the pavilion, a group of adults stood, their hands raised in a curious pose not unlike that of a Hindu god. They turned and, forming a circle, walked around the pavilion in single file at a steady pace, one hand moving past the other with concentrated deliberation. 

Whatever activity they were engaging in, I couldn’t readily identify it. And it reminded me of nothing more than the tainted mages in the Circle Tower in my most beloved video game, Dragon Age: Origins.

Well, this is Wynne, and she’s a good guy, but the basic pose is kinda what I’m getting after.
Probably you either already get this metaphor or you don’t…

(Alternative theory: medieval dance troupe. But demon cult is more interesting. Ask Mia Farrow.) 

So I called them my demon cult, and I peered out of them from the corner of my eye as I ran past on Sunday mornings, because of course they were always there too.

… And then it hit me. TAI CHI. I’m 99% sure they’re doing tai chi. Sure, it’s sped up and I don’t understand the circling part, but it’s traditionally done in the morning and the movements totally fit. 

But I still like to think of them as my demon cult, because that’s more fun, don’t you think?

What’s the wonkiest thing you’ve seen on your run?

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