In Which Jenn’s Runs Are Haunted By Demons Or Something?

Nobody panic, but there MIGHT be a demon-summoning cult on my running trail.

Their fiendish rituals have become a fixture of my Sunday morning runs, a brief distraction around mile 3 for which I am thankful. Of course, that’s up until I get chased by a dragon or the Antichrist or something.

No, no, I kid. (Probably.) I’m pretty sure I’ve figure this out. But first, let me set the scene:

My regular running route passes by, among other things, a local park. Its most distinguishing features are a playground, baseball diamond, and pavilion. Over the past couple years I’ve never noticed much activity aside from playing children.

That all changed a couple months ago. As I ran past in blissful ignorance, movement caught my eye. Under the pavilion, a group of adults stood, their hands raised in a curious pose not unlike that of a Hindu god. They turned and, forming a circle, walked around the pavilion in single file at a steady pace, one hand moving past the other with concentrated deliberation.

Whatever activity they were engaging in, I couldn’t readily identify it. And it reminded me of nothing more than the tainted mages in the Circle Tower in my most beloved video game, Dragon Age: Origins.

Well, this is Wynne, and she’s a good guy, but the basic pose is kinda what I’m getting after.
Probably you either already get this metaphor or you don’t…

(Alternative theory: medieval dance troupe. But demon cult is more interesting. Ask Mia Farrow.)

So I called them my demon cult, and I peered out of them from the corner of my eye as I ran past on Sunday mornings, because of course they were always there too.

… And then it hit me. TAI CHI. I’m 99% sure they’re doing tai chi. Sure, it’s sped up and I don’t understand the circling part, but it’s traditionally done in the morning and the movements totally fit. 

But I still like to think of them as my demon cult, because that’s more fun, don’t you think?

What’s the wonkiest thing you’ve seen on your run?

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In Which Jenn Is Obnoxiously Cheerful About the Future

Strap in, everybody – to counter yesterday’s whine-fest, I’m now going to be overwhelmingly positive!
In this particular case, I am both Ted AND Veronica.
See this sticky note that lives on my work computer?
This sticky note houses all the joy of the foreseeable future. The first two – the Tessy convention (5K recap here) and Outer Banks trip – are over, the latter of which bums me out to no end but that’s just a thing I do. I get unnecessarily bummed at the conclusion of trips and nostalgic over things that JUST HAPPENED and I remember the day we left and we were so happy and excited and now that moment is gone forever and – 
STOP THAT. Happiness post! Because there are no less than SEVEN additional items on that sticky note, all upcoming, and they’re awesome.
Oktoberfest. My roommate and I got LivingSocial deals on tickets, and so we will skip about Baltimore drinking beer and eating Bavarian pretzels. And who doesn’t want that?
Marine Corps Marathon. I may die. But it will be a good day to die.*
Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. (Huge group of blogger buddies + Food & Wine Festival + half marathon with friends) x Walt Disney World = YESSSSSS.
Fall ballet show. Hooray ballet!
Dragon Age 3. Has anyone else played Dragon Age: Origins? Because it is the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER. (2 was pretty good, but not AS good.) My copy is pre-ordered and I’m ready to go!
Puerto Rico. My boyfriend is going to Puerto Rico in December and invited me along, so I took a leap and booked the plane tickets. Naturally this is a trifle risky in the case of relationships less than a year in, but what the hell. Worse case scenario, I transfer the flight credits to another trip. Best case? I’m WARM in winter!!! 😀 😀 😀
DOPEY CHALLENGE AT WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON WEEKEND. I will almost certainly die. But I’m taking Katherine and Nicole down with me.
And that’s just the stuff I know. There are also potential trips to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and Ocean City and maybe even Busch Gardens again. And who knows what other as yet unconsidered events will crop up? I may eventually need a second sticky note!
In short, as that robot told B’Elanna that one time, I believe there is sufficient reason for greater optimism.**
In this particular case, I’m just the robot.
What are you looking forward to in the coming months? Tell me!
* Klingon reference #1.
** Klingon reference #2. Although B’Elanna is half-Klingon so maybe it’s reference #1.5.

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