In Which Jenn Digs Up New WDW Background Music Loops


As is by this point well documented, I suffer a pathological inability to get through a workday without listening to Walt Disney World background music of some kind. It’s soothing and it cheers me up! 

 I have lots of favorites, but sometimes after the 17th round of Innoventions area music I get the urge to branch out. And so I went on a bit of a musical YouTube walkabout the other day, wherein I discovered… not all WDW background music is created equal when it comes to porting some of the magic home. 

First I tried out the Pinocchio Village Haus music. This is fine if you like yodeling. Video is no longer available but I can assure you it’s no great loss.

Then, in the sidebar of similar videos, I was very excited to discover the Mouse Gears bgm. As it turns out, I have no real recollection of what it sounds like inside of that particular gift shop, because dear Lord what a borderline irritating collection of Disney novelty songs. I think that one girl in particular wants to get inappropriate with Donald Duck… I can’t say I’m sad that the video’s since come down.

Finally I hit upon something suitable for my purposes: Epcot’s International Gateway loop. A pastiche of music from around the World Showcase, it’s not quite as evocative as some more distinctly Disney tracks but it definitely puts me in mind of a lazy Epcot day. I dub it worthy of a place in my rotation.

Until next time, audiophiles!

What’s your current favorite Disney parks BGM?

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