International Gateway at sunset

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 2/27

It’s trip report time again! Read all the posts in this trip report here. Onward! The end of any runDisney race is a whirl of mixed emotions – you’re happy and sad that it’s over all at once. But there is something so calm and lovely about coming back to your room right after, especially the bit where you take a long hot shower. (Maybe you take a cold one like you’re “supposed” to but I’m not about that Arctic life.) I nestled, clean and satisfyingly tired, into bed and awaited the arrival of Erika. She was back shortly...

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In Which Jenn Digs Up New WDW Background Music Loops

As is by this point well documented, I suffer a pathological inability to get through a workday without listening to Walt Disney World background music of some kind. It’s soothing and it cheers me up!   I have lots of favorites, but sometimes after the 17th round of Innoventions area music I get the urge to branch out. And so I went on a bit of a musical YouTube walkabout the other day, wherein I discovered… not all WDW background music is created equal when it comes to porting some of the magic home.  First I tried out the Pinocchio...

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