In Which You Can Hear ALL The Disney Parks Music In Single Videos

My love of Walt Disney World background music loops is well documented. There’s just something so soothing about listening to the sounds of the Disney parks while doing work or chores; it floats the mind away to a better, more carefree place. 

I have lots of favorites, but I’m also always on the hunt for new treasures. I was poking around YouTube for just this reason when I came upon a video from Epcat77 that claimed to be the ENTIRE master music loop for Disney’s Animal Kingdom – yes, the whole entire park.

Eager to explore every possible musical nook and cranny, I clicked play and started on my work. It was all standard DAK stuff at first, marimbas and all that sort of thing, until I was startled to hear the It’s Tough to Be A Bug show. Not the queue background music, not the area music, but the entire show, with Flik talking and everything.

I opened up the video description and there, painstakingly delineated, was every bit of music in this master loop, plus time stamps for when it started. Dinosaur was in there, and Festival of the Lion King, and Na’vi River Journey… when they said master loop, they meant MASTER LOOP. (Mostly. I notice the Finding Nemo musical isn’t included; maybe it’s a copyright thing?)

But wait, there’s more! This particular YouTube channel has a master loop for all four major theme parks, and they’re the same – depending on the park, many to almost every ride’s audio track is mixed in with the area background music loops. DAK does seem to be the most complete in terms of rides, followed by Magic Kingdom and the Studios with Epcot bringing up the rear, but in every case it’s the lion’s share of the park’s music as far as I can tell… and I think by this point I should be able to tell pretty far!

They seem to be grouped by land, but the creator has but outdoor music in between each ride, presumably to simulate the walk from queue to queue. It’s like a day at the park if only your ears had tickets.

Naturally each video is very long, and depending on what you’re doing, having the Tiki birds shouting in your ear might not be as conducive to productivity as you were hoping. But the next time you’re feeling nostalgic for some of some of that sweet sweet WDW park audio, give these a go!

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In Which Jenn Has A Jingle In The Jungle

Every Christmas I embark upon a mission: to dig up the most uniquely Christmas background music that I can, the kind that’s themed in such a way that it feels like Disney in a manner regular carols can’t evoke. While it’s tempting to just repost the Animal Kingdom Lodge holiday background loop every year and call it a day, I have two new loops for you this year, and both in the same vein!

I enlisted the help of Twitter in my quest, and one of the suggestions that came back was Trader Sam’s loop. I searched for it on YouTube and nothing came back – but the Jingle Cruise did! This loop is a little old and includes a few repeats from the Echo Lake loop, but it includes some very Jungle Cruise-y music like a Hawaiian holiday song. I do wish that the radio announcements referenced in the video comments had made it over from previous years, but what can ya do.

I was all set to end the post here, and then – a miracle! I discovered a Disney’s Animal Kingdom entrance loop. According to the description, this version is now retired, but it sounds like it was still fairly recent. From last year, maybe? Regardless, it’s pretty evocative of DAK. I still prefer AKL’s loop, but this is a solid entry.

If you have any other great unique Christmas loops to share, do let me know!

P.S. What’s a jingle in the jungle, you ask? WELL:

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In Which Jenn Shares Another Favorite WDW Christmas Music Loop

Ah, the official start of the Christmas season! Last year I marked the occasion with a brief love letter to my favorite WDW Christmas music loop, and this year I am excited to carry on that tradition!

Funny thing is, I may seem to contradict myself here – when I declared my (strong, continuing!) love for the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas music loop in 2018, I provided as part of my reasoning its uniqueness. In the process I noted that a lot of holiday loops can sound a little generic, being familiar renditions of carols and all that.

Well, this year I want to share with you my second favorite WDW holiday music loop, which consists of… familiar renditions of carols.

Sort of.

I’m talkin’ ’bout the Echo Lake loop in Hollywood Studios, where they’re not just playing carols – they’re playing old Hollywood carols. Think Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, etc. As a huge proponent of anything you might see on TCM, I’m into it.

And! While a lot of the songs are indeed well-known carols, several are remnants of a bygone era. I mean, maybe you already knew Kay Starr’s “The Man with the Bag,” but I did NOT, and I freakin’ love it. Dean Martin’s “Marshmallow World” – nifty. Ella Fitzgerald’s “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” – iconic. Ella Fitzgerald’s “Christmas Island” – I must learn this immediately.

Like 50% of it is a love letter to Ella Fitzgerald, which I am fine with. Which reminds me – she also does my all-time favorite carol, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Sure, so do a lot of people. But she does it WITH THE ORIGINAL, CORRECT LYRICS. When I tell you how much the fake happy lyrics irk me… Hallelujah, indeed!

So yeah. Give Echo Lake’s Christmas music a spin. Or just play AKL’s for the 87th time this month; I’ll be right behind you.

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In Which Jenn Has A New WDW Background Music Obsession

GUYS. With Thanksgiving is behind us, no one can disagree with me that it’s officially Christmas time. Which means that I can now tell you, with no fear of repercussions whatsoever, about my newest background music obsession.

Okay. We know Christmas at WDW is, like everything that happens there, pretty magical. The special holiday background loops are part of what makes the ambiance so festive. I definitely listen to loops from the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and more.

But the thing about those loops is that they’re all a little… dare I say it… generic. They’re collections of holiday carols, lovely in their own right, but they don’t necessarily scream Disney out of context. At least not to me.

You know what’s full of holiday cheer AND feels super duper Disney to me? The Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas music loop, that’s what! 

That’s right, these aren’t your average run-of-the-mill season’s greetings. These are holiday carols sung by African singers and choruses, and they have the distinct flavor of my very favorite park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, while still being merry and bright. And I am SO INTO IT. Thanks to the Disney Hipsters for sharing this amazing collection with the world!

P.S. At 15:30 an African chorus lays down a bass line chant while a fake Elvis sings “White Christmas” and it’s everything I want December to be.

What’s your favorite Disney holiday music loop?

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In Which Jenn Digs Up New WDW Background Music Loops

As is by this point well documented, I suffer a pathological inability to get through a workday without listening to Walt Disney World background music of some kind. It’s soothing and it cheers me up! 

I have lots of favorites, but sometimes after the 17th round of Innoventions area music I get the urge to branch out. And so I went on a bit of a musical YouTube walkabout the other day, wherein I discovered… not all WDW background music is created equal when it comes to porting some of the magic home.

First I tried out the Pinocchio Village Haus music. This is fine if you like yodeling.

Then, in the sidebar of similar videos, I was very excited to discover the Mouse Gears bgm. As it turns out, I have no real recollection of what it sounds like inside of that particular gift shop, because dear Lord what a borderline irritating collection of Disney novelty songs. I think that one girl in particular wants to get inappropriate with Donald Duck…

Finally I hit upon something suitable for my purposes: Epcot’s International Gateway loop. A pastiche of music from around the World Showcase, it’s not quite as evocative as some more distinctly Disney tracks but it definitely puts me in mind of a lazy Epcot day. I dub it worthy of a place in my rotation.

Until next time, audiophiles!

What’s your current favorite Disney parks BGM?

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In Which Jenn Is All About That DAK Area Background Music

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, say! Jenn hasn’t mentioned anything about what Disney background music she’s been listening to lately.

It’s cool. I saw you coming. Here’s how I’ve been easing the pangs of WDW homesickness:

You saw my news about staying at Kidani Village, right? When you stay at a new resort, it’s important to prepare yourself. I aim to ease my acclimation by carefully familiarizing myself with Kidani’s background loop.

I’m hella jazzed about this new Disney resort adventure and have all sorts of activities planned for myself! This includes wandering across the way to Jambo House for some exploring and maybe even dinner at Jiko. Naturally this means that I’ve added the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s main music loop to my rotation too.

And as the final feature of this musical installment, let’s take a verrry short trip over to Nomad Lounge, because I <3 Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Next time you’re in Nomad, drink a round of Hightower Rocks in my name!

What Disney parks background music are you currently digging?

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In Which Jenn Needs WDW Music To Work Properly

A couple years ago I did a pair of posts about my favorite Walt Disney World background music. I find Disney background music to be incredibly soothing when at work in particular – it cheers me up and helps me focus. It’s been awhile, so I thought I’d check in with some of music loops I’ve been particularly enjoying lately, especially at work.

Let’s start with the Disney Springs background music loop. I’d heard several people mention they enjoyed it, but when I first took a listen, I was NOT into it. It’s basically Disney songs interpreted as smooth jazz, and I do not enjoy smooth jazz. Yet somehow over time it grew on me – all those familiar songs from my favorite movies hit my brain right in its nostalgia center. Before I knew it, I had gotten past my jazz aversions and totally dug the loop. And at close to 2 hours long, it’s great when you need your music to last through a large project or activity.

The Magical Express loop isn’t one that would’ve occurred to me to seek out, but when I saw it pop up on YouTube it felt natural to give it a go. This is a classic Disney mix, featuring songs from both the movies and the parks, and if you close your eyes you can pretend you’re sitting on the bus waiting to leave for your resort.

I’ve mentioned the Innoventions background music before, but it really is one of the most evocative loops for me. Everything about the music screams YOU ARE IN EPCOT. It’s also a convenient 20 minutes, perfect for projects you don’t want to do but can stand to tackle in small chunks. Tell yourself you only have to hack at it until the loop is over, and there you are!

Another recent discovery is the Animal Kingdom entrance loop. This is a total no-brainer for me, DAK being my favorite park, and I find it to be one of the most relaxing loops in my rotation. The African vocal tracks in particular feel very DAK to me.
Do you like to listen to Disney background music? What are your favorites?

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In Which Jenn Self-Soothes With WDW Background Music

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been in the throes of particularly strong WDW homesickness of late. I said it then and I’ll say it now: one of the best ways to cope with this terrible, terrible feeling is in the plundering of YouTube for area background music, perfect for comforting you as you cry your way through a non-Disney work day. I know a lot of people turn to radio stations and such, but I like YouTube for its ability to find me the exact music I need, plus sometimes there are some lovely accompanying videos.

Of course I have all the usual favorites: Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A. background music (hereinafter referred to as BGM), BGM from MK’s various lands (shoutout to Tomorrowland for its futuristic covers), the Epcot entrance music, the music from Wishes and IllumiNations and Fantasmic. But I’ve also been enjoying some slightly more off-the-beaten-path selections. Have you tried…

… Epcot’s Innoventions area BGM? You might not be able to place it offhand, but I guarantee with one listen you’ll be all, “Oh, yeeeeeah.” Indeed, this music is some of the most evocative of being in WDW for me.

… The Studio’s Animation Courtyard BGM? I wasn’t expecting much of this one. Because I am an idiot. While movie soundtracks aren’t quite as parks-exclusive as some other BGM, they are stirring as all hell. A Bug’s Life doesn’t even come close to numbering among my favorite Pixar offerings but the overture totally gets me. Also, who doesn’t need more of Jerry Goldsmith’s Mulan score in their life?

… Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest BGM? If you’ve got a taste for the exotic, this one’s for you. Fascinating Himalayan vocalizations and music characterize this atmospheric score. Should you love Expedition Everest as much as I do – which is really hard but maybe you’re up to the task – you’ve got to give it a go.

… The BRAND NEWEST version of the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street BGM? Most videos offer an older version, which is fine, but this one is current as of 2015 and includes such perfect fits as “Ellie’s Waltz” from Up. Plus it’s got nifty time-lapse visuals to go with it!

Let’s all pretend we’re not, repeat, not at work. Do you listen to Disney BGM? What are your favorites? I’m always eager to try more obscure park soundtracks! Also, does anyone have a link to the International Gateway BGM? I can’t find it anymore.

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