In Which You Can Hear ALL The Disney Parks Music In Single Videos

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My love of Walt Disney World background music loops is well documented. There’s just something so soothing about listening to the sounds of the Disney parks while doing work or chores; it floats the mind away to a better, more carefree place.

I have lots of favorites, but I’m also always on the hunt for new treasures. I was poking around YouTube for just this reason when I came upon a video from Epcat77 that claimed to be the ENTIRE master music loop for Disney’s Animal Kingdom – yes, the whole entire park.

Eager to explore every possible musical nook and cranny, I clicked play and started on my work. It was all standard DAK stuff at first, marimbas and all that sort of thing, until I was startled to hear the It’s Tough to Be A Bug show. Not the queue background music, not the area music, but the entire show, with Flik talking and everything.

I opened up the video description and there, painstakingly delineated, was every bit of music in this master loop, plus time stamps for when it started. Dinosaur was in there, and Festival of the Lion King, and Na’vi River Journey… when they said master loop, they meant MASTER LOOP. (Mostly. I notice the Finding Nemo musical isn’t included; maybe it’s a copyright thing?)

But wait, there’s more! This particular YouTube channel has a master loop for all four major theme parks, and they’re the same – depending on the park, many to almost every ride’s audio track is mixed in with the area background music loops. DAK does seem to be the most complete in terms of rides, followed by Magic Kingdom and the Studios with Epcot bringing up the rear, but in every case it’s the lion’s share of the park’s music as far as I can tell… and I think by this point I should be able to tell pretty far!

They seem to be grouped by land, but the creator has but outdoor music in between each ride, presumably to simulate the walk from queue to queue. It’s like a day at the park if only your ears had tickets.

Naturally each video is very long, and depending on what you’re doing, having the Tiki birds shouting in your ear might not be as conducive to productivity as you were hoping. But the next time you’re feeling nostalgic for some of some of that sweet sweet WDW park audio, give these a go!

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  1. I'm a background music junkie, too! Does this one tend to have a lot of commercials? Some seem to have a lot of commercial interruptions and others only have the visual ads. I prefer to listen uninterrupted. I'm spoiled that way, I suppose. Have a magical day! -Andrea

  2. Oh my gosh, yes, YouTube ads can sometimes be so out of control lately!

    For these, what I find happens for me is there's an ad at the beginning, but it'll keep going ad-free after that as long as I don't pause. If I pause for awhile, it'll play another ad before it restarts.

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