The Fairest Week In Review: 5/19

Mickey running

JENN: Here’s a fun fact: the WDW Marathon is still only at 70% capacity. The Goofy Challenge is at 97% but I dunno if you wanted to do that one anyway.

MOON: Ha, thanks for the update! I’m still in decision limbo.


JENN: Well, there’s clearly still time to think. Have you signed up for the Baltimore Marathon?

MOON: Can’t quite yet. But if I can, I am. Well, when I can.

JENN: Sounds awesome. How’s your training going?

MOON: This past week wasn’t the best, but I still got in two runs. How was yours?

JENN: I ran four times and each time was in a different place. Admittedly one of those places was the treadmill, but still. Variety!

MOON: Yay!

JENN I’m hoping to keep improving my outdoor runs, but I did some speed work on the treadmill and I think that’s going to be key.

MOON: I’ve found that running outside gives a good estimation of what your baseline is. Sometimes it surprises me. Then again, sometime is makes me depressssed.

JENN: Psh, no need for that! You’re much faster than I am! Anyway, I almost always perform better at a race than in an outdoor training run.

MOON: I foresee a pause in my training.I know I just moved about a month and a half ago… But, we have to move again at the end of June. We’ve been indecisive about where to move. But! One place we visited yesterday is near the starting line for the Baltimore Marathon begins!

JENN: That would certainly be convenient!

MOON: I’m not going to lie… Thinking about being able to wake up and literally walk down the street, run 26.2 miles, and then walk right home is pretty appealing.

JENN: Also pretty appealing? The roundup!

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