American Adventure

In Which Jenn Goes to Monticello

AMERICA! SPREAD YOUR GOLDEN WINGS! SAIL ON FREEDOM’S WIND ‘CROSS THE SKYYYYYYY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y! All of which is to say: on Monday I went to Jefferson’s estate Monticello and I took the Behind the Scenes tour! Weirdly enough, no audio-animatronics were involved. Under normal circumstances, no photography is allowed inside the Monticello house as some items are on loan. My understanding is that the standard tour goes through the first floor only – but for an additional fee, we were taken to the second and third floors as well. On the third floor, there are a few explicit places we were...

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Bethesda Trolley Trail

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/06

JENN: Did you run at all last week? MOON: I did! I actually ran a lot… I had weird protein-pangs. Was super hungry most of the week. >_> JENN: Hey, if you’re running a lot, that makes total sense. Protein is good! MOON: Sometimes a bit difficult for a vegetarian. I found that I was eating waaaay too many protein bars in lieu of meals, so I went a little overboard and ate a lot of edamame. It was seriously edamame with everything JENN: Fish and eggs, fish and eggs. MOON: Eggs… now I want to eat eggs. How was your week?! How was...

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