Compression Sock Experiment: Results (Plus How [Not] To Yank Those Suckers On)

Compression socks

Back in May, I started an experiment that sought to ask a very niche question: do compression socks do anything for me? Get a refresher on the whys of compression socks and the scoop on my experiments here.

Or don’t, because while this is the promised follow-up post detailing my findings, they are, in a word, disappointing. I have concluded the answer is… um, probably not?

I did just what I promised I’d do: I ran in compression socks. Then I compared it to runs without compression socks. I wore compression socks after runs. Then I tried to determine if this made my next run better.

Compression socks

While I meticulously tracked everything in my Garmin app, none of the data amounted to anything meaningful. I kept as many elements consistent aside from my socks as possible… and my runs were fairly consistent too. Hmmm.

I know, I know – “nothing changed” is not the stuff that riveting science journalism is made of. I am, perhaps, truthful to a fault. Certainly I am not about to tell anyone to throw out their socks if they like them, but for me I think they’re a try-it-and-forget-it. Oh well.

If you are a major compression socks fan, you could be kinda mad at me right now. Might I offer you an olive branch? This crazy sock journey did teach me one very valuable lesson: how to put the dang things on. Because let me tell you, compression socks are tough to wrestle on under the best of circumstances. In a hot, humid climate? One word: UGH.

Luckily, Instagram came to my rescue. A few weeks into the experiment, I posted my plight to my Insta feed, and many kind strangers gave me the DL on how to don compression socks efficiently. Turns out bunching them up beforehand is NOT the move. Instead, ya gotta go tubular.

As a neurodivergent individual who understands the importance of choice in education, I shall now provide you with THREE separate mediums through which you can learn this skill yourself:



And my personal favorite, the written word!


1. Start with your sock turned right side in, as usual.

2. Place your hand all the way inside the sock so that it rests inside the foot portion of the sock, where the heel and toe go.

3. Turn the calf portion of the sock inside out BUT leave the foot portion, where your hand is, right side in.

4. Place your foot inside the foot portion.

5. Pull the calf portion up around your leg and adjust as needed.

6. Tada! Your compression sock is on with minimal strife!

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  1. I am in fact a fan of compression socks – but like many things with running, certain things work for certain people! I tend to get sore calves easily so I find it helps with that. I also was someone who just yanked them on prior to getting plantar fasciitis – then I had to do some research to find the “right” way to put them on (which is what you shared!), so my KT tape on my foot wouldn’t get peeled off by accident!

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