The Fairest Week In Review: 8/05

Mickey running

JENN: How did your training go this week?

MOON: It was a good week for running!

JENN: Yay!

MOON: I’m looking forward to having this week go just as well 😀

JENN: Any new distances or pace records?

MOON: Hahaha, no. But there’s something to be said for consistency.

JENN: Absolutely!

MOON: How was your week?

JENN: Surprisingly decent considering I developed a mild cold by the end of it. Silly boss and her GERMS.

Tuesday morning was unseasonably cool and my run was accordingly decent by outdoor standards.

And on Thursday I went for a run in DC with Nicole. I was draaaaagging but she did manage to propel me up some inclines and the Georgetown waterfront is nice.

MOON: That’s great! I’ve been having problems with making running a part of my daily routine again. For me, this is 90% of the battle. If I am used to it I tend to not get as anxious before a run.

JENN: Well, as Will Rogers once said, 90% of anything is showing up.

You may remember him better as
“that guy from the American Adventure with the lasso.”

MOON: Ha, well said! Any plans for the week?

JENN: Nothing out of the ordinary – fit in runs where I can. I’m tentatively planning a long run for tonight but I still have a very occasional cough; if it gives me trouble I’ll have to cut it short. We’ll see!


MOON: I aim to keep mileage the same, but up the speed.

JENN: Ooh, speedwork! My other nemesis besides the outdoors! And hills! (I have a lot of nemeses.)

MOON: In September I plan to do two 5Ks. Ideally, I would like to break records for both. And I figure changing up my training model might help get me out of a slump.

JENN: You sign up for them yet, or are you still looking?

MOON: I have to register tonight, but I found two that have good causes. One is a “Nun Run” that I’ve coerced Elizabeth into trying. The other is running on a Johns Hopkins team.

JENN: Nice. I look forward to some recap posts! 😀

MOON: Woo!

JENN: Blog roundup, take us out.

The Runner’s Guide to WDW has advice for runDisney spectators
– … And so does MousePlanet!
Black Dog Runs Disney has advice for anyone who married a runner.
Prairie Princess Runners loves treadmills. ME TOO.
Run Eat Repeat is concerned about your boobs.
Parkeology points out the obvious: FIGMENT IS AWESOME. But used to awesomer. Sigh…
And one more from Parkeology because IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO CLOSE TO ME, DAMMIT.
Mouse on the Mind has some nifty coverage of the Behind the Seeds tour at Epcot. Definitely on my to-do list.

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