Race spectators

Like A Flash Mob, But Running: Tales Of The Reluctant Spectator

Oh my gosh, you know what cracks me up every time? When you’re running a race in a downtown/populated area and there are people there that clearly had NO idea there was a race happening. I’ve kinda-sorta talked about this before, specifically in a runDisney context – once upon a time Elizabeth and I dashed about Walt Disney World ourselves dodging marathon and half marathon – but that was different. We were vaguely aware there were races happening, so while we were mildly inconvenienced in unexpected ways at times, it wasn’t completely out of left field. I don’t know...

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runDisney in Magic Kingdom

In Which Jenn Was An Accidental runDisney Spectator

As you tromp along a runDisney course, soaking in the park ambiance or admiring the view of the Boardwalk, you’re surrounded by spectators. They cheer and call out your name or your outfit, wave goofy and inspiring signs and offer candy. They are vital to the experience and very prepared. But have you ever given a thought to the people who just happened to schedule a WDW vacation during a road race and have no idea what’s happening? I always do. On account of because I was once one of them. Picture it: January 2012. Elizabeth and I have gone...

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Boardwalk WDW

In Which Jenn Does Training Runs On Disney’s Boardwalk

Since I spent most of this WDW trip in a conference, I won’t be doing a traditional trip report, but I definitely still have a lot of stuff to tell you about that will be loosely collected under the July 2018 trip keyword. Read on! I knocked out a 14 mile run in the gym of the Dolphin resort because I knew that I didn’t want to mess around with Florida’s heat and humidity for that amount of time without character stops, y’know? But for two subsequent training runs, I dragged myself out of bed in comparatively cool hours of...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/05

JENN: How did your training go this week? MOON: It was a good week for running! JENN: Yay! MOON: I’m looking forward to having this week go just as well 😀 JENN: Any new distances or pace records? MOON: Hahaha, no. But there’s something to be said for consistency. JENN: Absolutely! MOON: How was your week? JENN: Surprisingly decent considering I developed a mild cold by the end of it. Silly boss and her GERMS. Tuesday morning was unseasonably cool and my run was accordingly decent by outdoor standards. And on Thursday I went for a run in DC with Nicole. I was draaaaagging but she did manage...

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