Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite WDW Store?

JENN: Squirtgun to Your Head time! What’s your favorite store at Walt Disney World? Betcha it’s the same as mine!

MOON: It is!

I wonder if anyone reading this is thinking, “Yeah, me too.” We don’t even have to say it.

Why hello, sailor.

JENN: Well, I’m going to anyway, because it’s fun to say. MITSUKOSHI DEPARTMENT STORE! The magnificent fiscal sinkhole center of the Japan pavilion at Epcot.

MOON: Where you can find anything with a cat on it. My cat Hoodoo gets a different kitty dish every morning.

JENN: The kitchenware section is indeed AMAZING.

MOON: Yes, and let’s not revisit that story again.

JENN: I have a plate that says “Hustle Cat.” The dog was “Lucky Dog,” the bear was “Happy Bear,” and the cat… is a hustler. I love it.

At the back of that section they also have a little sake bar, which I have patronized once or twice but not explored NEARLY thoroughly enough for my liking.

MOON: I don’t know if I’m just too conditioned to go straight for cat merchandise when I enter the store, but I don’t remember you ever mentioning a sake bar. But I know you. You would have.   

JENN: It’s past the huge displays of gummy candy shaped like random stuff. I think I was with Elizabeth when I got a drink there.

MOON: Well, I would say that we should drink our way to Japan next time, but we know I won’t make it past Mexico.

JENN: Ha, sure we will. We’ll just share and go slow next time.

Mitsukoshi is also a great place to get gifts for anyone who likes anime or Hello Kitty, who is a particular favorite of my mother. I once bought her a Hello Kitty robe for Christmas. We are disinclined to completely grow up in my family.

MOON: Who doesn’t adore Hello Kitty? Everyone should have a Hello Kitty something.

JENN: There’s also a room full of beautiful dresses I can’t afford and incense with such wonderful smells that I once bought some as a wedding gift for a friend; the next time I went down to WDW, he gave me some money and told me to buy as much incense as the amount could get.

Oh, and Shinzi Katoh!!!

The Shinzi Katoh stuff is ADORABLE – funny and/or touching, oddly-worded-through-translation English phrases accompanied by the cutest illustrations, printed on bags and cards and notebooks and things.

JENN: I totally bought this. I mean, I had to.
I have an adopted black cat and a sense of narrative.

JENN: Whereas, if this is still there when I go back in
December, I’m buying it. My go-to stuffed animal was
(*cough*is*cough*) a gray rabbit.

JENN: I find this strangely poignant.

My mom is named Sheri and she loves cats; there are a few designs with a girl and her kitties labeled “Chéri with cats.” That’s like half my Christmas shopping DONE right there.

MOON: Jenn has stories to tell. I just have about 20 cat dishes in my kitchen.

JENN: Just cats? No bunnies or owls? Bunnies and owls have been big lately.

OH! That reminds me of another story. I once bought a mug there because the cats on it reminded me of my cat Minx.

I don’t have a photo of the mug but the designs on it were
the same as these plates.

You see what I’m saying.

And then someone at my old job STOLE IT. So keep a close watch on your Mitsukoshi souvenirs! They are irresistible enough to drive people to crime!

MOON: You should have stolen all the other cups and left a note. “The cups will be returned if the cat the returned to ME.”

JENN: Well, I handed in my two weeks’ noticed shortly after. REVENGE.

MOON: Hahaha, that works also. I would have taken all the other cups with me when I left.

JENN: I think my ultimate point is that I could easily empty my bank account at Mitsukoshi. Or redecorate my house, restock my kitchen cabinets, and revamp my wardrobe, should I ever win the lottery. Stupid rent payments, ruining my aesthetic aspirations.

MOON: Well, I suppose you need a place to put all the stuff, so rent is merely an extension of Mitsukoshi.

JENN: Ha! I’ll remind myself of that next time I pay.

What’s your favorite WDW store? Do you love Mitsukoshi too?!

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The Great Margarita Caper

JENN: So today I would like to talk about the Great Cucumber Margarita Caper, Or; Drinking 1/12 of the Way Around the World.

MOON: You mean drinking our way INTO Mexico and then I’m drunk?

JENN: Well, technically we drank IN Mexico, and then out of Mexico. But everywhere we went, we took Mexico with us.

MOON: We drank outside of Mexico?

JENN: Our initial idea, you see, was to engage in the traditional Drinking Around the World. Not too quickly, and sharing drinks, of course. We took our drink with us.

MOON: Well, I know the plan was to drink something in every country, but I just remember Mexico. Was there tequila? Because if we did a shot of tequila first, I totally understand the haze.

JENN: Haha, nope. No excuses. That was Elizabeth. She is twice the man we’ll ever be.

We started our journey with La Cava del Tequila, naturally. The line was, as is so often the case, at La Cava, and we had plenty of time to consider the margarita menu. We briefly toyed with the idea of the pomegranate but eventually settled on cucumber.

 First of all: it came rimmed with chili salt. If I had a binder, I would doodle “Mrs. Chili Salt” all over it.

Mrs. Chili Salt

MOON: …I get jokes.

JENN: I am a very sophisticated comedian.

As for the margarita itself, it was delicious. There were actual chunks of cucumber floating around in the drink. These of course soaked up the liquid and became progressively tastier as time went on.

MOON: See, this is why we have a two-man team. If I had to write this blog on my own, this would be the entry: We had a drink. Annnnd, I’ll see you guys later.

JENN: You would make a great meme.

MOON: I don’t doubt it. I’m assuming my picture is going to pop up sometime during this post, so I must be upfront with the audience: I am a lightweight. Can’t hold my alcohol. My skin turns red, my hands and feet swell and my head will itch.

JENN: Awww. You just look adorably flushed. Like a Jane Austen heroine.

MOON: Don’t get me wrong, I love a drink every now and then (maybe two if it’s a long evening), but I need to drink at the pace of a cactus.

JENN: Also, have you noticed you look kinda like the Korean version of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl in the pictures?

The rootinist, tootinist cowgirl in the Wild Wild West

MOON: No, I can’t say that I have!

JENN: It’s magnificent.

MOON: Yee-haw?

JENN: I can be Bullseye. There, Halloween done.

MOON: Hahaha, okay!

JENN: How much of the margarita would you say you had before you started going slightly loopy?

MOON: One quarter. No kidding.

And so, having completed one quarter of one drink out of twelve, we somehow found ourselves drawn, as if by some unseen force, to the Mitsukoshi department store in the Japan pavilion…

MOON: I know what’s coming up next… And all I have to say about that is: 1. I LOVE cats and 2. It wasn’t that bad! Just a lot of wrapping paper…

JENN: Right, so you know all those adorable dishes they have in the last section of the store? Moon bought ALL THE DISHES.

MOON: My kitty thanks Disney for the dishes. 🙂

JENN: In fairness, I was over in the Shinzi Katoh section squeeling over adorable tote bags I didn’t need but bought anyway because one had a black cat and I have a black cat and EEEEE. If I ever become independently wealthy, I’m hitting up Mitsukoshi first. And I’m having a margarita before I start.

MOON: So, had I made it through the margarita, what would we have had next?

JENN: Something from Norway. Maybe we’d be REALLY brave and try a shot of Aquavit. See if we’re vikings on the inside.

MOON: I can do a shot of anything. Challenge accepted.

JENN: Oh my. I guess it’s happening next time! We’ll just have to start our Drinking Around the World at 11AM.

MOON: Just a suggestion, but perhaps I should give myself the length of our stay in Disney to drink myself around the world. If we’re staying for less than a week’s time then I’ll still be drunk for a large portion of the trip.

JENN: We can just camp in Epcot.

MOON: I would be okay with that. Can you imagine riding Spaceship Earth all night?

JENN: We could fall asleep to the gentle lilting tones of Dame Judi Dench telling us to thank the Phoenicians.

MOON: I’ve always had an affinity for the transcribing monk. You know, the sleepy one.

JENN: There ya go. That can be us!

Yo de lay hee yo de lay hee yo de lay hee

One of these days, we really ARE going to Drink Around the World. MARK OUR WORDS.

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