Lion King

In Which A Shining New Era Is Tip-Toeing Nearer

Annnd we’re back. It’s a new year, and so of course my thoughts immediately turn to the WDW Marathon, the sole remaining thing I look forward to in life. Because once Christmas is over WINTER IS TRASH. Oh, shoot; my first post of the year and I’m already off topic. What I meant to talk about is: Christmas presents! Among my friends I am synonymous with Disney. Indeed, at a hibachi grill the other day the chef did the opening trick where he sets the oil on fire and the entire table turned to me and chorused IT’S SHAPED...

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Mr. Toad

In Which Jenn Gets An AMAZING Disney Present

Hey, how’s your memory? Because I need you to remember some stuff. Specifically: Remember when Pat got me the BEST running present EVER? Remember when I traipsed around Walt Disney World on an increasingly mad and maddening search for a Mr. Toad baseball cap that ultimately proved fruitless and I was super bummed about it? WELL. Strap in, kids, because look what Pat magically produced as an anniversary present! And we don’t generally even do¬†anniversary presents. Generally we eat dinosaur chicken nuggets with a bottle of wine.* NO I WILL NOT STOP MUGGING I feel like I just drove...

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