Thoughts While Watching: From Pirates Of The Caribbean To The World Of Tomorrow

The Wonderful World of Disney

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I added to my Thoughts While Watching series, so here’s a quick refresher: I dig up Disney media – old and archival for preference but there are exceptions – and jot down my thoughts as I watch them in real time. It’s a fun way to skip down memory lane, even (especially?) when Memory Lane extends several decades beyond my own existence.

The last couple entries have featured more recent Disney productions, but for our historic entry #10 we’re returning to our roots in an old episode of Walt Disney’s own “The Wonderful World of Disney” television show. This one’s called “From The Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow,” highlighting the opening of new attractions, and hails from 1968. Awww, Disneyland was barely a teenager.

Hit play and let’s see where this time machine takes us!

33 Thoughts I Had While Watching “From The Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow”

1. It’s just not a Disney production without a salute to all nations but mostly America. As they say on the Carousel of Progress: Walt was the American-est!

2. I see the script guy and the graphics guy were not in agreement about the title.

3. Look at Disneyland’s Main Street, all pretty!

4. When did the costumed characters stop being terrifying? Not until the ’80s?

5. I would’ve put the Peoplemover first, but I realize that’s not a popular opinion.

6. We miss the redhead.

7. These scale models are absolutely insane. I get that computer modeling is easier but it’s not nearly as much FUN.

8. Who ever cut these Disney documentaries just loved the SoCal freeway.

9. I’m like 97% sure this ambassador girl is standing in front of a green screen.

10. Oh, this pirate bit is a way better opening stunt than any of the weird skits and dance numbers we get in the modern age. You just can’t abduct people or chuck them in the river like you used to.

11. Also, if you told me that one pirate was Howard Keel I’d believe you. He has massive Seven Brides for Seven Brothers energy.

12. Now they get swords and guns?! Where were those at the opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway?

13. Awww, the pirates helped up the soldiers like it was a soccer match.

14. Yeah, it’s hard to deny – Disneyland really does have the better Pirates of the Caribbean. (WDW Haunted Mansion FTW, though!)

15. Does the bride auction have a sexy jazz soundtrack all the sudden?

16. Tag yourself; I’m the girl in the barrel.

17. It always bothers me on Pirates how the ones in the jail can fit their heads through the bars, and thus could just kinda turn sideways and shimmy out. They don’t even need the key from the dog in the first place.

18. Man, I wish we still had Space Mickey.

19. Hey, where’s our jetpack ride, huh, Mr. Announcer Man? You said nothing was impossible!

20. Oh my God, the rotating Peoplemover sign is AMAZING. I want one! I’ll stick it on top of my car.

21. Mr. Announcer Man needs to stop making me promises in 1968 that DO NOT HAPPEN.

22. I am so jealous of these people on Adventures Through Inner Space. My kingdom for a new freaking dark ride. Even Flight to the Moon has audio animatronics.

23. “Hello. Welcome to the moon” is striking me as hilarious for some reason. He’s so deadpan. “And that’s not all. Watch this…”

24. Ooh, the original Carousel of Progress! John and Sarah look like Judy Garland and Sean Connery for some reason?

25. Is that the Epcot model from the WDW Peoplemover? What, did WDW just take Disneyland’s Tomorrowland?

26. They call it a salute to all America but mostly Disneyland.

27. There’s a Space Goofy?! But why doesn’t Pluto get a helmet? I will not be accepting answers that involve puns.

28. Life-size it’s a small world dolls? That’s slightly terrifying.

29. I love how all the character suits have blatant viewports.

30. The Fantasia toadstools haven’t aged well but are also adorable? I’m conflicted.

31. This isn’t the version they mean, but have you seen the ’80s Babes in Toyland? Drew Barrymore and Keanu Reeves and Pat Morita are in it and they sing and it’s MAGNIFICENT.

32. What… what is happening at the bandstand? What’s with the chickens with boobs? The eggs have legs? The ’60s were… interesting.

33. I really need to go back to Disneyland.

Dang, that was a much more robust episode than I expected. I had a LOT of thoughts for a mere 48 minutes of television. Which is good as a warmup for my next planned Thoughts While Watching entry, which is gonna be a doozy. See ya then – we’re gonna take on the World!

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