Thoughts While Watching: The Pre-Opening Report From Disneyland

Disneyland Partners Statue

Today I am excited to continue my Thoughts While Watching series, where I document my thoughts while watching old school Disney parks media. I thought it might be good to tackle the next batch in chronological order, so today we’re going to start with The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland. We’ll follow it up with the opening day broadcast and ten year anniversary special, but for now, cast your mind back to when Disneyland had yet to open its gates….

It’s more fun when you watch along! The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland can be viewed on Disney+ here if you have a subscription, or watch it on YouTube below:

And now, 35 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland:

  1. They sure were big on the sponsors back in the day. Cars and milk – so American!

  2. I like how Tink got more airtime than Mickey at one point.

  3. Wait, there was another TV special about Disneyland before this one? Shoot, now I may have to go backwards…

  4. Ha, I never realized how many rides are kinda technically monorails.

  5. I had no idea they made the riverboat completely from scratch. That looks intense.

  6. Um… is anyone getting weird colonial vibes from getting the plaster mold on this guy?

  7. But harnesses still exist – why would harness making be a forgotten art? Saddleries are a thing.

  8. PONIES!!!!!!

  9. I’m bummed I never got to try Rocket to the Moon. Those models look sweet.

  10. I’m beginning to see why Disneyland’s construction ran over budget.

  11. From now on I will be describing myself exclusively as an “older-type youngster.”

  12. Mr. Toad! Awww, I miss Mr. Toad.

  13. No, wait; from now on I will be describing myself exclusively as a “feminine craftsman.”

  14. Hmmm. Yes, I can see why the Jungle Cruise is being redone.

  15. … There’s a beaver in Lady & The Tramp…?

  16. All roads DO lead to Disneyland. All roads STILL lead to Disneyland.

  17. They sure are dedicating a lot of time to L.A. highways.

  18. Is that Fess Parker? I’m assuming that’s Fess Parker. My dad always gets excited when his wine shows up on restaurant menus.

  19. Awww, Disneyland has Baltimore lampposts? Good ol’ Baltimore.

  20. Ah, yes, the fabled real working drawbridge.

  21. I want Disney to write me special versions of their more industrious songs for when I go to work.

  22. I don’t see any of these high-speed construction workers wearing safety harnesses. Maybe that’s the lost art they were talking about earlier.

  23. I understand and support why Splash Mountain is being redone, but I must confess I’m gonna miss the soundtrack.

  24. Wow, they’re really pushing Davy Crockett. I wonder what those autographed photos are worth nowadays.

  25. Win a trip for three to Disneyland! Leave your little brother at home.

  26. This whole “mother or dad” thing is really throwing me off. Why not “mother and father” or “mom and dad”?

  27. Oh, hey, it’s the “it was all started by a mouse” quote from the entryway of One Man’s Dream!

  28. So Mickey is a mouse the same size as a bear? Interesting.

  29. Are we just straight up watching Mickey cartoons now? Because these are actually pretty good. Gooseflesh 9000!

  30. I like how Walt says “thee-ay-ter.”

  31. Hooray, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from Fantasia! Classic.

  32. Some imagination, huh?

  33. And that’s why enormous skirts are both beautiful and functional.

  34. Ohhhh, this Alice music is in the Main Street background loop. I never realized that before.

  35. THREE glasses of milk a day? Gross.

Okay, well, that wasn’t quite as Disneyland-focused as I might’ve liked in the back half, but then as I understand it they were scrambling to get it done as it was.

I’ve been nosing around Disney+ and have found all sorts of additional interesting behind-the-scenes specials. I hope you’re enjoying this series, because I think it might go on for a while!

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