39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Special

We’ve done the pre-opening report. We’ve done the opening ceremony broadcast. Today in my ongoing Thoughts While Watching series we’ll be rounding out the old school parks trilogy with Disneyland’s tenth anniversary television special.

Watch along because I think it’s well worth your time – Pirates, the Haunted Mansion, tons of rare characters, fun behind the scenes footage, a gazillion Imagineers, and a greater understanding of why so many retirees find the #MeToo movement confusing. C’mon, press play.

And now! 39 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching Disneyland’s Tenth Anniversary Special:

  1. Awww, it’s the “World of Color” theme song! Cue the fountains.

  2. One of these days I’m gonna run a race in a Disneyland tour guide costume. Do you think they’d let me bring a riding crop?

  3. I like a gal who breaks the fourth wall immediately.

  4. “I must say the judges showed good judgment.” Was that creepy? I can’t decide.

  5. Mary Blair in the flesh! The colored lights thing is neat.

  6. Ooh, and John Hench! Apparently he knows all the pretty girls…?

  7. I must say these models are VERY convincing close up.

  8. Marc Davis is next. They’re hitting up all the big name Imagineers.

  9. The vibe with Julie is weird. Stop taking pictures of her, Walt.

  10. Roland Crump! Where’s your tie, man?

  11. A mini Pepper’s Ghost!

  12. Ah, yes, Blaine Gibson. I don’t know who a single K-Pop star is but I know all these guy’s names for sure.

  13. Hmmm, I don’t recognize this pirate model. I’ll have to look for him next time.

  14. I do believe that’s Claude Coates. He got Rolly’s polo shirt memo.

  15. I like looking through the ring to see the same view as the audience. So clever in an age before modern computers.

  16. We wants the redhead!

  17. That Tink, so helpful.

  18. I half expect this toy soldier to spin his drum right off.

  19. Oh my God, are those Lady and the Tramp costumes? They are TERRIFYING.

  20. Why is Cinderella, if that’s indeed who she is, wearing a yellow polka dot dress?

  21. No Disney celebration IS complete without Mary Poppins. Not a bad one, either. I tend to be picky about my face characters.

  22. I’m getting “Be Our Guest” vibes from these dancing birthday candles.

  23. Wait, is that a costumed hag from Snow White? That’s… an interesting take.

  24. I begin to think people only hated the Cakestle because it didn’t break into individual pieces and then perform a highly synchronized dance.

  25. To paraphrase Chandler Bing: it’s just not a parade without the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

  26. There’s a costumed alligator from Peter Pan? Dang, old people were SPOILED.

  27. That’s funny, I don’t remember there being an Imagineer named Richard Nixon.

  28. Watching the monorail drive through the esplanade past Main Street makes me happy.

  29. Ooh, or maybe I’ll make a Matterhorn Rappeller race costume.

  30. Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland looks like the sort of ride I would dig. Couldn’t we have it AND Big Thunder?

  31. These sailors look like they walked right off the set of Anchors Aweigh. And to think Walt told Gene Kelly he couldn’t use Mickey Mouse in the movie.

  32. I’ll always be loyal to the original Parent Trap. Starring Haley Mills and Haley Mills!

  33. Where are they getting all these foreign dignitaries?

  34. I wish the Tiki Room still had a barker bird.

  35. Nuns in Adventureland! It’s always been a thing!

  36. Snap, did the Tiki Room CMs legit used to dress like that?

  37. I would ride the riverboat more often if it came with big band music and sparklers.

  38. Johnny Tremain! We read that in… sixth grade? I wonder if we watched the Disney special; alas, I can’t remember.

  39. The Sherman Brothers wrote that birthday song? Maybe not their best work.

And that’s another Disneyland special in the bag! I’ve been really enjoying watching these vintage bits of Disney history and free associating nonsense. I hope you find it suitably entertaining, because there’s lots more to cover. I think next time we might try something a little more recent… and snackable.

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35 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Pre-Opening Report From Disneyland

Today I am excited to continue my Thoughts While Watching series, where I document my thoughts while watching old school Disney parks media. I thought it might be good to tackle the next batch in chronological order, so today we’re going to start with The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland. We’ll follow it up with the opening day broadcast and ten year anniversary special, but for now, cast your mind back to when Disneyland had yet to open its gates….

It’s more fun when you watch along! The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland can be viewed on Disney+ here if you have a subscription, or watch it on YouTube below:

And now, 35 Thoughts Jenn Had While Watching The Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland:

  1. They sure were big on the sponsors back in the day. Cars and milk – so American!
  2. I like how Tink got more airtime than Mickey at one point.
  3. Wait, there was another TV special about Disneyland before this one? Shoot, now I may have to go backwards…
  4. Ha, I never realized how many rides are kinda technically monorails.
  5. I had no idea they made the riverboat completely from scratch. That looks intense.
  6. Um… is anyone getting weird colonial vibes from getting the plaster mold on this guy?
  7. But harnesses still exist – why would harness making be a forgotten art? Saddleries are a thing.
  8. PONIES!!!!!!
  9. I’m bummed I never got to try Rocket to the Moon. Those models look sweet.
  10. I’m beginning to see why Disneyland’s construction ran over budget.
  11. From now on I will be describing myself exclusively as an “older-type youngster.”
  12. Mr. Toad! Awww, I miss Mr. Toad.
  13. No, wait; from now on I will be describing myself exclusively as a “feminine craftsman.”
  14. Hmmm. Yes, I can see why the Jungle Cruise is being redone.
  15. … There’s a beaver in Lady & The Tramp…?
  16. All roads DO lead to Disneyland. All roads STILL lead to Disneyland.
  17. They sure are dedicating a lot of time to L.A. highways.
  18. Is that Fess Parker? I’m assuming that’s Fess Parker. My dad always gets excited when his wine shows up on restaurant menus.
  19. Awww, Disneyland has Baltimore lampposts? Good ol’ Baltimore.
  20. Ah, yes, the fabled real working drawbridge. 
  21. I want Disney to write me special versions of their more industrious songs for when I go to work.
  22. I don’t see any of these high-speed construction workers wearing safety harnesses. Maybe that’s the lost art they were talking about earlier.
  23. I understand and support why Splash Mountain is being redone, but I must confess I’m gonna miss the soundtrack.
  24. Wow, they’re really pushing Davy Crockett. I wonder what those autographed photos are worth nowadays.
  25. Win a trip for three to Disneyland! Leave your little brother at home.
  26. This whole “mother or dad” thing is really throwing me off. Why not “mother and father” or “mom and dad”?
  27. Oh, hey, it’s the “it was all started by a mouse” quote from the entryway of One Man’s Dream!
  28. So Mickey is a mouse the same size as a bear? Interesting.
  29. Are we just straight up watching Mickey cartoons now? Because these are actually pretty good. Gooseflesh 9000!
  30. I like how Walt says “thee-ay-ter.”
  31. Hooray, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from Fantasia! Classic.
  32. Some imagination, huh?
  33. And that’s why enormous skirts are both beautiful and functional.
  34. Ohhhh, this Alice music is in the Main Street background loop. I never realized that before.
  35. THREE glasses of milk a day? Gross.

Okay, well, that wasn’t quite as Disneyland-focused as I might’ve liked in the back half, but then as I understand it they were scrambling to get it done as it was.

I’ve been nosing around Disney+ and have found all sorts of additional interesting behind-the-scenes specials. I hope you’re enjoying this series, because I think it might go on for a while!

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Happy Friday: A Magical Kingdom With Lots Of Witnesses & Great Security

Not a trip goes by that I don’t think of this and laugh.

I have been trying to find an isolated clip of this FOREVER, but my attempts to take matters into my own hands did not produce embed-able results. I think this direct link works, though! If you run into trouble, the show is Burn Notice, the episode is called “Lesser Evil,” and you want to start at the 12:12 mark. Enjoy.

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An Ode to Winnie the Pooh

A couple weeks ago I chose Piglet & Pooh as my Marry for Kill/Refurb/Marry: Disney Partners. Naturally I had to go plumb the depths of YouTube for the perfect video to illustrate why. Shockingly, I did NOT get sucked into the YouTube vortex at that time – but my brain was ready to pick up the slack itself. But the time I went to bed that night, I was singing a rotating medley of both the movie Pooh theme:

And the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh theme:

And that made me remember the weird live-action Pooh show I have only very vague memories of beyond the fact that I LOOOOVED it as a little kid:

And also the books, with the Spotted or Herbacious Backson and the Expotition and Bisy Backson and Please Ring Bell If Answer is Required and don’t you know what THER means and did anyone else read those Benjamin Hoff books about Taoism?

And it’s the narrator!

And THAT’S trouncing.

Can’t you see the presents? The cake? The candles? Neither can I. After all, we can’t all, and some of us don’t.


Magnificent magic, most mysterious, make meek me make the monsters into mozzarella marmalade!


Is there any more? No, there isn’t. I thought not.

Or at any rate, I don’t think so. It isn’t meant to be. (Although in all seriousness, every time I watched a clip I would think of ANOTHER good one; I’m leaving out A LOT. DON’T. FEED. THE. BEAR.)

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that Winnie the Pooh in all its forms, at once clever, gentle, and philosophical, shaped my childhood and continues to be one of my favorite things. Ever. You might even say that Pooh, not Roo’s medicine, is what Jenns like best.

TTFN! Ta-ta for now! <– Paul Winchell ad-libbed that

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In Which Jenn & Moon Are ‘Ached Some Questions

Hey, here’s something crazy – we’ve been tagged! We’ve been tagged twice!

Thanks to Kellie and Kimberley for inexplicably expressing an interest in our inner workings. They’ve asked questions. We have answers!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

Moon says:

  1. Bek
  2. Sneaky
  3. Rebs
  4. Rebek (my Dad is not a creative soul) [to clarify, Moon’s English name is Rebekah]

Jenn says:

  1. Jennifer (but why are you mad at me?)
  2. Hennifer Lopez
  3. Jenn-Jenn
  4. Seabiscuit

Four jobs I have had: 

Moon says:

  1. Photo editor
  2. College professor
  3. Cello teacher
  4. Easter Bunny (that’s right, you heard me)

Jenn says:

  1. Violin teacher
  2. Wench at Medieval Times
  3. Yogurt shop worker
  4. Email marketer for a performing arts center

Four movies I’ve watched more than once: 

Moon says:

  1. The Young Victoria
  2. The American President
  3. In the Mood for Love
  4. A Room With a View

Jenn says:

  1. Mulan
  2. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
  3. The Sound of Music
  4. Amelie

Four books I’d recommend: 

Moon says:

  1. The Little Prince
  2. Peanut Butter and Jeremy’s Best Book Ever
  3. Brave New World
  4. The Emperor of All Maladies 

Jenn says:

  1. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
  2. The Star Beast by Robert A. Heinlein
  3. A Fine and Private Place by Peter S. Beagle
  4. The Circus of Dr. Lao by Charles G. Finney

Four places I have lived: 

Moon says:

  1. Seoul
  2. Baltimore
  3. Chestertown
  4. Hanover

Jenn says:

  1. Silver Spring
  2. Baltimore
  3. Gaithersburg
  4. Bethesda

Four places I have been: 

Moon says:

  1. Jordan
  2. Brussels
  3. Spain
  4. Israel

Jenn says:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Spain
  3. Germany
  4. Austria

Four things I don’t eat: 

Moon says:

  1. Meat
  2. Chocolate
  3. Fast Food
  4. Red Onion

Jenn says:

  1. Grapes
  2. Peas
  3. Blueberries
  4. Cherry tomatoes (Q: What, is Jenn, like, afraid of small round objects or something? A: YES. VERY.)

Four of my favorite foods: 

Moon says:

  1. Gai Lan!!!!
  2. Pho (vegetarian!)
  3. Matar Paneer
  4. Tom Yum soup

Jenn says:

  1. Bread pudding
  2. Frosting (the thick, sugary kind, of course)
  3. Sushi-grade raw tuna
  4. Spanish tortilla

Four TV shows that I watch: 

Moon says:

  1. “The Fall”
  2. “The West Wing”
  3. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
  4. “Arrested Development”

Jenn says:

  1. “Psych”
  2. “Doctor Who”
  3. “Scrubs”
  4. “Star Trek: Voyager”

Four things I am looking forward to this year: 

Moon says:

  1. Traveling through Europe with Christian
  2. Internship at WAM
  3. Moving back to the city
  4. Seeing Christian every day

Jenn says:

  1. The Dopey Challenge
  2. Moving to downtown Bethesda
  3. Going on vacation with my boyfriend, wherever we decide to go
  4. Beach trips – lots! – and maybe even learning to surf without falling over all the time

Four things I’m always saying:

Moon says:

  1. “Ugh!”
  2. -expletive- (when I get nervous, my mouth has a mind of its own)
  3. “Kitty!!”
  4. “Yes, please!”

Jenn says:

  1. “Indeed”
  2. “I do what I can”
  3. “Awww, Minxie!” (Cat #1)
  4. “RUFFIAN!” (Cat #2)

This survey has been going around awhile and a lot of people have gotten tagged, so we don’t want any repeats. What we DO want is for ANYONE who hasn’t been tagged already to consider themselves tagged. Off you go – and send us a link if you do!

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In Which Jenn & Moon Do the Liebster Award Thing

Fun fact: the fabulous Danielle of Live, Run, Grow nominated us for a Liebster Award! This question-trading blog series helps us all get to know our fellow bloggers. Read on for the answers to the questions Danielle set to us!

1. If you could run any race in the world, what would it be?

JENN: I’m pretty excited for the WDW Marathon, but since I AM running it and the question seems to suggest a think-big mentality, I’m gonna say… the hypothetical Disneyland Paris half that doesn’t technically exist yet. Or, if you insist on something real, maybe a race in Hawaii?

MOON: I would run the Honolulu Marathon.

JENN: Right, what she said.

MOON: Haruki Murakami didn’t start running until he was 33, I think. He’s definitely a bit of an inspiration. He wrote a memoir about running and I remember a section on Hawaii. I figured if I ever sucked it up and started running again I would do that.

JENN: So your dream race is “one run next to Murakami.” Universe, can we set that up?

MOON: Haha, yeah! Then I just need the energy to keep up…

2. What is the best race you’ve run so far?

JENN: Although my time was SOOOO much better at the Tinker Bell Half, I’m gonna go with the Princess Half because the entertainment level was so much higher throughout. The Annapolis Light House Half was boring and the Marine Corps 17.75K had too many HILLLLLLS. And untimed 5Ks don’t count.

But I have a lot of runDisney races coming up, so for the future: who knows!

MOON: Hmm, well, since I don’t have many to choose from… The Tinkerbell Half. The first time my body did something I didn’t think it would be able to do. But, I agree with Jenn. The Princess Half was a lot of fun!

3. What is your favorite book?

JENN: OH MAN. All of them?


JENN: Um….

MOON: I think the survey just ended. We’ll be on this for days.

JENN: No kidding.

MOON: I know one we can both agree on! Good Omens?

JENN: Haha, yes! Terry Pratchett is AWESOME.

I like Kurt Vonnegut a lot. And James Herriot. And C.S. Lewis. And Robert A. Heinlein. But these are authors. Books. Books books books. Boooooooks.

MOON: Hmm, I also really like Vonnegut. I would say my favorite is Breakfast of Champions.

JENN: I like Cat’s Cradle and God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian and of course Slaughterhouse-Five.

Um… shall we just go on to the next question?

MOON: Okay! But first I need to get a few out there: Peanut Butter and Jeremy’s Best Book Ever!, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and The Robots of Dawn. There had to be soooomething.

 JENN: True. Then off the top of my head: Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back, Shoeless Joe, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Last Unicorn, The Door Into Summer.

4. What’s your favorite TV show?

MOON: Haha, uh oh. This… I have noooo idea. I suppose I’ll have to fall back on Arrested Development?

JENN: You should’ve said that you don’t understand the question and you refuse to answer it.

MOON: Haha, true.

JENN: I’m gonna go old school and way dorky and say “Star Trek: Voyager,” because Tom Paris and I are that tight. But also “Psych.” Let us never forget “Psych.” You know that’s right.

MOON: “The X Files” for me. If ever there is a biography written about me, I’m pretty sure “The X Files” will take up at least a chapter of my high school days.

JENN: That and our mutual devotion to The Doctor.

5. Is there a skill or talent you wish you had?

MOON: Hmm, maybe polyglotism?

That or confidence.

JENN: Haha, you and me both.

Let’s see. It would be nice to be ambidextrous. And I still can’t freakin’ whistle.

MOON: How about ambidextrous AND a polyglot? You would be the communication queen.

JENN: No kidding. Which president was it who would write with both hands on two separate pages in two separate languages? Was that Jefferson? They just don’t educate us for the real world like they used to.

6. Favorite Disney character?

JENN: We’ve actually answered this before, so let’s see if it’s changed!

MOON: Ha, I feel like mine will probably change.

JENN: Mine was Eeyore last time. I still love Eeyore, but I think I might go with Mary Poppins this time around. Because Julie Andrews is the best. At everything. Ever.

MOON: I would say Mary Poppins, but she’s not technically a Disney character? Well, not Disney’s creation I should say.

JENN: Neither are a lot of them – Eeyore either!

MOON: I would also want to say Emelius Brown… I’m going with Mr. Ray and Emelius Brown if I can.

JENN: Mr. Ray is what you said last time – consistent! 😀

MOON: Yay!!

JENN: Okay, then I’m going pick that little blue fish who says I’M OBNOXIOUS!

MOON: Hahaha!

7. What’s the best job you ever had?

JENN: I like my current job, actually. I work for a performing arts center and we’ve got a concert hall and an education center and a gallery and there’s dance and music and it’s pretty awesome.

MOON: I haven’t had my favorite job yet. But, my music students are awesome.

8. Is there a food you just can’t stand?


Okay, I have a REALLY REALLY WEIRD phobia. I am afraid of small round objects. Grapes and peas TERRIFY me. I don’t like blueberries or cherry tomatoes either, but they don’t get me like grapes and peas. You put a plate full of grapes on the table and I will edge around the room like there’s a mosquito I need to watch out for.

MOON: I once sat down next to Jenn for lunch, but I had a bowl of grapes. She got up and moved without saying a word.

JENN: It’s an affliction.

MOON: For me: pizza. I don’t care for pizza. And meat, but I figured that didn’t count as an answer.

JENN: That’s not true! We half the cheese and double the tomato sauce, and you’re all about pizza. And I agree, because pizza sauce is AMAZING.

MOON: Tomatoes are AMAZING.

9. What’s your favorite, can’t live without piece of running gear?

MOON: Asics? Is that too obvious?

JENN: I would say my Yurbuds running headphones, which lock in my ears. Because a long run without music is a sad run. And music coming out of headphones that I keep sweating out of my ears are scarcely any help at all. So: hooray for Yurbuds!

Okay, last one!

10. What’s the one tip you would give a new runner?

JENN: I would say: get fitted for sneakers at a dedicated running store. It makes a world of difference and keeps your joints from revolt.

MOON: I would say the same thing. I also feel that I don’t have any authority to instruct anyone in the ways of running.

JENN: Well, there is that. So maybe just say: try it! See if it works for you! Maybe not! But maybe so!

Okay, now for some nominees:

  1. Pink Elephant on Parade
  2. Food Fitness Fantasy
  3. My No-Guilt Life
  4. We Run Disney
  5. Prairie Princess Runners
  6. Fairytales and Fitness
  7. I Run for Wine
  8. Running at Disney
  9. Just Me and My Running Shoes
  10. Will Run for Ears

And here are your ten questions!

  1. When your energy is flagging and you need a boost, what song do you play?
  2. What’s the worst piece of running equipment you’ve ever made the mistake of using?
  3. What’s your favorite way to fuel before, during, and/or after a run?
  4. Assuming practicality is no object, what’s your dream race costume?
  5. What race should runDisney add to their schedule?
  6. Which Disney park is your favorite?
  7. How do you like to reward yourself post-race?
  8. If you became a Disney princess, what would you be like?
  9. What is THE BEST food?
  10. Once and for all: who makes the best running shorts?

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