In Which Jenn Simply Must Dress Up For Walt Disney World

Disney Wardrobe

I haven’t built up to it as much as I usually do, but it’s true – I’m going to Walt Disney World in the beginning of May! It’s been a nail-biter, what with COVID and vaccines and race cancellations, but I can finally say I’m going home.

And you know me, Disney Dandy that I am: I simply cannot go to WDW without blabbing to anyone and everyone about what I plan to wear. If the clothes themselves aren’t enough to grab your attention, perhaps my experimental attempt at a new photo format will interest you?

Hit it!

Walt Disney World outfit

So here’s what we’ve got:

  • My “Li Shang’s Training Camp” tank and frankly amazing Mulan skirt – pretty self explanatory.
  • My Pin Up Couture castle skirt and white peasant top, as modeled previously.
  • My Dark Side Half race shirt to be worn on May 4 because, uh, it’s the only Star Wars item of clothing I own. Plus my longline cardigan because it has a vaguely Batuu-like robe quality, right? Please say right. And, of course, no bottoms. Ha! No, I just haven’t quite decided on what I want to do for bottoms – I’m leaning toward a gray pencil skirt but we’ll see what happens when I actually pack. I also have a wildcard polka dot skirt option but that wouldn’t go with the robe. Hmmm…
  • My Marie dress, which is a bit of a ringer – I may switch it out for my Snow White dress at the last minute, but since I’m already packing one more outfit than I should need I have to draw the line somewhere. Normally I would pair it with appropriate Minnie ears but the pink Marie-style bow feels right in this case.
  • My Fantasia 2000 flamingo dress as modeled here, poorly, in bad lighting. That’s how the cool hipster kids do it, right? Um, maybe don’t click that link.
  • My super-cute retro Moana set. This one’s a little more subtle but I just love the styling SO MUCH I have to bring it.
  • My Mickey/Oswald dress, which is my ringer outfit in case I accidentally ruin one or suddenly hate one of my other outfits. Unless I wear it, and then the Marie dress is the ringer. I like options, is basically what I’m saying.
  • My new Ariel tank, which I will wear with bike shorts as modeled here.
  • … And one outfit NOT pictured, because it’s a surprise – I’m going to do a real, proper Disneybound for the very first time! To be revealed after the trip, of course. I would never dream of leaving you hanging like that. Try not to let it keep you up at night.

Technically it’s a little too early to start packing just yet, but I might start anyway. It’s like the Coast Guard say: semper paradis. I bet they’re thinking about WDW when they say it too.

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  1. I was thinking I would pack this weekend, haha! I've gone a little planning crazy for this time so I'm also organizing my outfits ahead of time. I'm gonna email you soon about stuff lol!

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