In Which Jenn’s Inner Disney Dandy Can’t Be Stopped

Disney skirt

Normally around this time of year I would start packing for my Walt Disney World Marathon trip. What, already? Yeah! Just like last year, my holiday visiting would have allowed me to simply roll straight into Walt Disney World with no stop at home in between. I’d need to pack in advance (with, Florida being Florida, plenty of weather contingency options).

Alas and alack, COVID continues to ruin everything. Marathon Weekend is cancelled, a fact that breaks my heart anew daily. Oh, and now my Rivals race is cancelled too. GREAT. But one way to cheer myself up a smidge is by indulging my inner Disney Dandy, and to that end I have a new Disney outfit to share with you today!

Pinup Girl Clothing makes this super cute retro Disney castle skirt – in fact, you may have seen it in The Dress Shop at Disney Springs. PUG was having a pretty darned good sale over the Black Friday weekend, but as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been buying almost exclusively secondhand clothing this year. Luckily I was able to price match it on Poshmark! Bonus: I used funds from sales from my own Poshmark closet to pay for it, so this skirt is sustainable AND never touched my credit card. Score!

Quick note: two weeks ago I purchased a tripod with a remote so I could start delivering some real photos of my outfits, finally putting an end to these 2006-MySpace-cell-phone-in-the-mirror travesties. Unfortunately it has been stuck in Miami since December 1 and I don’t know if it will ever escape and come home to me. I know – I wish I were the one stuck in Florida, but what can ya do. In the meantime, more janky mirror photos below! At least you get to see my cat.

Castle Skirt
Castle Skirt

How freakin’ cute is that? And it has pockets, which is a universally beloved feature. I can’t wait to wear it to the Magic Kingdom, where it will doubtless feel at home, and get my picture taken in front of the castle. Castleception!

That’s a retro beauty that deserves The Twist:

Maaaan, I just wanna go home (aka WDW)… c’mooooon vaccine!

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