Disney Wardrobe

Obligatory WDW Wardrobe Post

For if I did not post my WDW wardrobe plans, I would not know who I am. The good news is, unlike many of the other times, I’m heading straight to WDW from home – which makes packing for the weather exponentially easier. Not that Florida seems about to produce anything unusual; while I’ve encountered chilly Orlando Novembers in the past, this won’t be one of them, as highs are predicted to be in the 80s. So it’s out with the sweatshirts, in with the sundresses! Despite the certainty, however, I’ve been struggling to settle on my outfits for...

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Disney skirt

In Which Jenn’s Inner Disney Dandy Can’t Be Stopped

Normally around this time of year I would start packing for my Walt Disney World Marathon trip. What, already? Yeah! Just like last year, my holiday visiting would have allowed me to simply roll straight into Walt Disney World with no stop at home in between. I’d need to pack in advance (with, Florida being Florida, plenty of weather contingency options). Alas and alack, COVID continues to ruin everything. Marathon Weekend is cancelled, a fact that breaks my heart anew daily. Oh, and now my Rivals race is cancelled too. GREAT. But one way to cheer myself up a smidge is by...

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