Obligatory WDW Wardrobe Post

Disney Wardrobe

For if I did not post my WDW wardrobe plans, I would not know who I am.

The good news is, unlike many of the other times, I’m heading straight to WDW from home – which makes packing for the weather exponentially easier. Not that Florida seems about to produce anything unusual; while I’ve encountered chilly Orlando Novembers in the past, this won’t be one of them, as highs are predicted to be in the 80s.

So it’s out with the sweatshirts, in with the sundresses! Despite the certainty, however, I’ve been struggling to settle on my outfits for this trip. Maybe it’s my lack of an Annual Pass, and subsequently minimized park time. Maybe it’s the shortness of the trip, the expected heat, and my desire to just be reasonably comfortable.

But it’s still a Disney trip, and I just needed to adjust my headspace! Thus I am proud to present my questionably photographed, ever-so-slightly outside the box, supremely unbothered WDW wardrobe for Wine & Dine Weekend. Wow!


We begin with a journey to the race expo, and the triumphant debut of my 101 Dalmatian Disneybound. Last time I planned to use this outfit it wound up being too cold (see what I mean about November?), but it’s finally getting its time to shine! More info in the link above.

Next: my planned Epcot outfit. If Mulan is out, you know I’m snapping a pic with this skirt! I got it secondhand, but the top is from Pinup Girl Clothing.

For the Studios, you KNOW I have to wear my new Potatoland ears, if only for the Vacation Fun photo op. I paired it with this R. Vivimos peasant dress, as it gives me corresponding country fair vibes. Potato… LAND!

For my day in Disney Springs, this Silence & Noise matching set will keep my chest protected from the sun and goes nicely with my WDW50 ears.

The best part, though, is the socks! Subtle, yes, but it’s the little things. The set I bought from UO a long time ago, but here are a couple from Amazon that are conceptually similar:

Athletic set
Cap sleeve midi set
Ruched tank set

Plus size set

The socks are from Hot Topic, also gone, but here’s what they do have for your feet.

And yet wait, there’s more! Well, there might be more. While it does look like it’ll be warm during the day, at night it’ll be down to the mid-60s. No, shut up; that’s chilly to me! So just in case circumstance allows and/or requires, I’m packing Mickey Mouse pajamas for the Wine & Dine After Party. To be deployed as needed – or not.

This is the year I close down the party, I just know it! Also I think the PJs look kinda good? Am I crazy? Don’t answer that.

The pajamas are from H&M, but they’re not available anymore. I’m having a heck of a time finding something comparable, so if you like these maybe scour the secondhand market?

So yes, that’s what I plan to wear on my upcoming trip! I may swap some of the ear colors around but I otherwise feel good about it. I’m 100% ready to GO, I’ll tell ya that much. Come back tomorrow for my bucket list for this go-round! Spoilers: there will be SNACKS.

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